The 7 Most Popular AR15 Accessories

The AR-15 has proven to be one of the most popular platforms when it comes to accessories and variants to customize the rifle. Once you have made your purchase and the AR-15 is sound, you can choose from the many difference accessories and modifications that are available. What follows are the seven most popular for the AR-15.

Ambidextrous Accessories

Although these lean more towards modifications since they are designed to change the AR-15 from a right-handed version to left-handed or one that can be used by both hands, they will make a considerable difference in terms of how you use the weapon. Some of the best additions from this line of accessories include the following;

  • Charging Handles: This will make the AR-15 feel like a brand, new weapon. This is for those who want to shoot with their dominant hand.
  • Mag Release: While you may need a lower receiver which is a considerable upgrade, the ambidextrous magazine release will make a considerable difference for the left-handed user.
  • Safety Selector: Built primarily for competition shooting, this safety release was designed for ambidextrous users and will make your rifle safer to fire. Basically, if you plan on changing guns at some point in a competition, the ability to use either hand can be a large factor in your success. Plus, having the ability to make the rifle safer is always a big plus.

Mask for Flash

A flash hider is an essential item for those hunting with the AR-15. It not only conceals your position, but also protects you when using night vision equipment as the sudden flash can cause temporary blindness. This means that you can continue to fire on a target that is still moving without worrying about losing your sight at night long enough to let your prey escape.


Few people are fans of iron sights as so many are wanting to put new optics on their AR-15s. The good news is that there are many different optics products that are available for this weapon. Of course, good optics means that you are willing to make a strong investment which will cost some money. However, you can find excellent optics from Aimpoint and EOTech that use reflex, holographic and red-dot optics for hunting and target shooting purposes. Also, Leupold and Trijicon are quite popular for magnified optics as well.

Picatinny Rail

While the Picatinny Rail is a very popular choice for many different weapons, it has found a special home on the AR-15. There are many AR-15 owners who have chosen to purchase an upper receiver that includes the rail system. However, those who are mindful of their budget can simply mount a Picatinny Rail on their existing AR-15. The good news is that there are many accessories from optics, lights, and more that can be mounted on this rail system. However, it is important to know what you want to add first before you make your purchase.


For many, a sling may seem like an unnecessary addition unless you are moving around quite a bit. However, for those who must walk a considerable distance a sling is a real necessity for the AR-15. You will need to consider the configuration of the AR-15 before purchasing the sling. Basically, slings come in one, two, or three-point connections so you will need a sling that fits the proper configuration.


The ar-15 stock may be close behind optics as the most popular accessory as the AR-15 works quite well with different types. There are fixed and collapsing stocks of all different types made for the AR-15 and each has their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is true that collapsing stocks can be adjusted for the user based on their arm length, height, and needs for portability if they are hunting or participating in a competition. Fixed stocks are generally better for accuracy and stability if one of the right length can be found.


You can upgrade your ar15 trigger to make it lighter in pull which suits many different shooters. The ELF trigger is one that has garnered a considerable reputation and is quite popular for many reasons. It is simple, light, and provides better reliability when shooting which makes it perfect, particularly for carbines.