Accu washer reviews

Might Require a Little Work on Your Part

The washers worked pretty much as advertised, but I wound up lightly sanding the Accu washer that was the closest fit to get my porridge just right. Sand a bit, try again, repeat. It didn’t require much effort to achieve a perfect fit. I’d advise you to take it very slowly, so you don’t sand off too much material.

this product is a waste of money

I followed the instructions that tell you to use the thickest washer and see about how many degrees you need to go to clock it. Choose the one that is on the chart, didn’t work. I then tried the next size, still didn’t work. Then I tried every washer; none of them were right. Stick with a crush washer; you will save time, aggravation, and money.

Accu washer muzzle device alignment system

Accu washer statement is straightforward to use. Just read the little paper, and it tells me how to do everything. Nothing to it. Just put the most significant piece on first the read the chart and set the right size one on there

2nd set I have bought

I have bought these Precision Armament accu-washer before, and they work very well. I have used them on several different rifles and bands and work as advertised. The torque that’s required comes out about perfect when you use the proper wash for your muzzle device.

Muzzle brake timing washers – PERFECT ALIGNMENT

Washers allowed me to time muzzle break perfect and suppressors also. Once I did a simple trial and error, it wasn’t long before they lined up perfectly. And they match the color of the barrel, so they don’t stand out.

Precision Armament accu washer

This set of the washer is exact comes with 18 sets of washer yet you need only need one but will put you that perfect degree and the rest well can use for a future build. It only comes with grey color, no black and also you have to buy the whole set.

Muzzle Break timing made easy.Muzzle brake shims

The Precision armament Accu-Washer assorted pack made it easy to time the new muzzle brake on my precision rimfire from Ruger. I like the shim system over crush washers. Plenty of shims left for other guns and devices

What I needed

These did the job as they allowed me to align the muzzle break and get it tight as the supplied crush washer with the muzzle break wasn’t leveling out. I do recommend this product. Although I didn’t follow the directions
and the chart provided, I mix and match until I had the correct combination.

One and done! Super easy

Follow the chart and markings on the washers. Easy as taking a nap(without kids at home, of course) recommend a little bit of blue Loctite as these are not crushed washers. May also be used with the crush, though. Enough for several muzzle device installs(unless you need the same washer each time). If your eyes aren’t what they used to be, a magnifying glass will aid in identifying the markings on the washers.

Precision armament

Great muzzle brake timing washers and support if you have questions. Made in the USA, it takes time to find the right spacer combo, but it works great! To tune the Muzzlebrak products, it works fantastic. Plan an hour to optimize the break properly, but there are videos if needed.

Good idea, but there’s a problem

This system is a good idea. However, there is a severe problem. Most of my barrels (and most I’ve ever seen) have a small radius on the shoulder where the Accu-washer needs to sit. The inner diameter of the Accu-washers is too short to account for this. To work correctly, the Accu-washers need to be beveled on one side of the inner diameter. This kind of defeats the purpose of an easy install, so I can’t recommend these.

Needs work

The way they are marked for thickness hash marks on outside leaves an undesirable appearance. And if your barrel threads have a relief cut at the shoulder, it will offset out of the center. If you clean this up, it is just as easy to time, and index buys moving one shoulder or the other.

Made Me A Believer

I didn’t quite get it when I ordered them, but the instructions are super simple and intuitive. Two attempts in about 10 minutes and I got my comp torqued. That’s compared to 30 minutes with some spare AAC shims to get quite close. I was worried it would look bad or cheap on my stainless barrel and comp, but it’s hardly noticeable. Might try to polish it, since the shim is stainless.

Great Product

The guy that invented these accu-washers deserves a raise. Such a simple concept but work wonders when installing a comp. Always get the right torque every time, and never have to worry about changing accuracy.


I was not sure about these washers when I saw them online…I was proven wrong! These precision armament accu-washers are awesome! Super easy to install! Easier to use than crush washers! Will purchase these from now on when installing flash hiders, comps, and brakes!