Aimpoint Comp M4 Review

There are lots of reflex and reflex design sights to be found in the marketplace presently. A wide selection of designs, characteristics, dependability and generally pricepoints to back them. Aimpoint is among the very most trusted names in regards to optics and the Comp M4 is one of their big weights. It’s hardy, sealed and has one of the longest battery lives out there.

The first thing most consumers are going to most likely look for is the real pricepoint. Let us just get that out of the way. This is certainly for bigger budgets at over $700. This isn’t for you if you’re looking for a funding optic. In the event you are searching for an optic predicated on the demands of who this sight is made for, then price is not what we’re looking at.

The first thing most people are seeking is precision, ruggedness/dependability and weight. Now, the typical consumer may have those desires as well but the precedence list shifts dramatically between target firing in the scope or dependability on the “two way range.” I’m certain that since they make many optics which are affordable with the same quality, Aimpoint isn’t attempting to exclude one group from the other by pricepoint. The CompM4 is an uncompromising animal that can resist impact, deep water, sand, dust, soil, mud, extreme cold in addition to the hottest temperatures in the world. This is a fact. No advertisement for Aimpoint intended. You should be aware of what you’re getting for that price tag.

The COMP M4 sealed reflex sight has a 2 MOA dot that on its lower settings can in fact be quite exact at over 100 meters. It additionally creates a nice large ring around where the tube meets the glass that is virtually unnoticeable when you’re actually going at it, but definitely noticeable on concentrated groups and is way bigger to the naked eye than 2 MOA when you ratchet up the brightness. Additionally, there are 9 degrees of brightness for daytime and 7 brightness settings for Night Vision.

The sighting-in is not difficult when you get the sealed covers off the windage and elevation. There’s absolutely no eye or parallax relief to bother yourself about, so be assured that if the dot is on it, it gets a hole when you pull the trigger. The battery compartment has a life expectancy of 8 years per AA battery and is also anodized with gasket.

My favourite feature is the mounting solution. Aimpoint uses their QRP2 mount that’s a quick release mount, and just as the name indicates, it’s quite fast. This really isn’t a lever controlled quick release, however it’s a screw down mount with a hefty large ratcheting knob.  When the mount is tightened on a rail and it reaches considerable resistance, it’ll “click” so as not to over tighten or strip the mount. I’ve not ever had this thing “fall off” as a few other sights do under pressure fire or magazine dumps over prolonged periods and I have assurance that when it’s on, it’s staying on.

Conclusively, I’m positive this is the more optic than I would ever want. In the event you are searching for features like multiple reticles, multiple reticle colours, incorporated laser, lightweight and affordable…this isn’t your sight. However, this is your optic if you would like simple, robust, dependability through the most adverse conditions possible.