Aimpoint PRO for Active Duty?

The Aimpoint PRO is certainly an impressive red dot device that is currently winning over shooters of all types that want greater accuracy and improve performance. It is highly durable with a remarkably long lasting battery that performs well under most conditions. The overall price of the unit can be found hovering around $400 at various retail outfits.

The Aimpoint PRO is a well regarded and essentially updated version of the Comp M2 that sports a 2 mil dot instead of the previous 4 mil on. The PRO offers a mount that will allow the iron sights of the AR-15 to be utilized as well. In fact, the QRP2 mount offers a distinctive improvement in terms of form and function that lets the PRO succeed in ways its predecessors could not hope to touch.

Even the muzzle end of the mount is threaded so that the “killFlash” from Aimpoint can be mounted as well. Although a bit heavy at 11.6 ounces, the PRO is certainly one of the best red dot devices to come out in a long time.

Installation & Eye Relief

Installing the Aimpoint PRO is rather straightforward as you can mount it on top of the rifle either in the traditional position or more forward if you desire. Since the mount knob will not let you over-tighten, you can adjust the light so that it is bright enough to see in most environmental conditions. You can also adjust for windage and elevation as well.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Aimpoint PRO design is that by using the dust covers in the closed position, you can open both eyes on the target and the brain will merge the two dots until they are one, allowing for even greater eye relief. This means that you can fire more accurately for longer periods of time while enduring far less eye strain.


The Aimpoint PRO is a rock solid red dot optical device that will work for a very long time all with the original battery. It is not uncommon to hear stories about how people have left the unit on for over 18 months and the battery charge has yet to run out. Plus, the overall durability of the PRO is quite good as well. Its solid construction means that it can take the bumps, scrapes and impacts that would unsettle a lesser device.

Plus, it works in the pouring rain as well as most environmental conditions. For the enthusiast who loves to hunt or target shoot, this is the perfect red dot system for your rifle. It will hold up to all the impacts due to travelling and still perform as good as new.

The Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Optic comes highly recommended as it can stand up to almost all typical situations encountered while out in the field. It is certainly more than good enough for active duty as its long lasting battery and exceptional toughness and durability make it one of the best red dot optics that you can buy.