Why you should go for an AIMPOINT PRO?! – A viewpoint

Aimpoint built a strong base by providing hunters with reflex sights of premium quality and unrestricted eye relief. With government and law enforcement agencies becoming cognizant of its various strategic and tactical advantages the Aimpoint PRO came into the market to service the varied needs of shooters using red dot scopes.


The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic is intended for law enforcement, tactical op teams and others who are in great need of precise optics. Post a lot of discussions and deliberations with the intended audience, Aimpoint came up with an optic that caters to their specific needs while keeping in mind their economic considerations.



The sturdy and anodized aluminum casing of the PRO safeguards the glass and other electronic components from damages due to tough use. It is 5.1” long with an 11.6 oz weight. The front glass is placed at a much lower level to shelter it from grazes and has multiple coating for best viewing. A band pass coating allows the front lens to be used with other night vision gadgets. With it’s easy to operate locking mechanism that also averts too much tightening, it ensures quick set up. Though the PRO has been designed keeping mind M4s and AR-15s, it is also relatively simple to mount it on a SIG 516 to improve flexibility.


The 1X magnification aids in acquiring targets quickly as it permits the use of both eyes. The front lens allows the use of anti-reflection gadgets. This together with its unrestricted eye relief, a transparent cap for the rear lens, water proofing, an excellent 30k hr battery(under constant use – approximately 3 years) and flexibility and durability under extreme conditions makes it a great asset for the law enforcement. A sticker is provided to note and monitor the battery usage to ensure on time replacement.



With a DPMS AP4, a 50 yards (2-3 inch groups) and 100 yards (4-5 inch groups) accuracy is a reasonably effortless task though longer ranges for certain shooters might be an issue without the aid of magnifiers. While this does seem like a relatively good deal, there might be times when law enforcement officers would require much more accuracy. With the use of Lucid 2-5X the precision levels do show a marked improvement that range from 1.2 inches with a Winchester to 1.3 with Federal. The PRO also performs perfectly and without any hassles in “shooting the square” trials.


It is not without reason that the PRO has the backing of the US Military. Constant use, change in rapidity of shots, changeovers between the magnification devices and PRO or a tough ride in an equally tough vehicle, the PRO comes out unscathed.

Extreme cold, intolerable heat or wetness, the PRO is perfectly reliable post exposure, even under frequent switch between the conditions.


If you are looking for an economical (price tag of $440) sight that offers rapid action capabilities and also comes with a fantastic battery, PRO is your ideal choice.