AK-47 Stocks – How to Choose the Right Stock Set

To choose the AK-47 stock that is right for you, it takes more than what just looks appealing to you. It requires understanding just how the weapon works with the current stock that it has and what type of modification is needed to create a more user-friendly stock for your specific needs.

This means that you’ll need to test fire the weapon on more than one occasion and using a different set of tests to fully understand the capabilities and the needs of the weapon when it comes to replacing the stock itself. This means firing the gun “as is” so that you can gather a full feel of what it can do before writing down the specific observations and changes that you want to make.
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Test Firing the AK-47

Test firing means breaking in the barrel as well as getting a feel about the weapon depending on its previous use. Basically, a weapon that has been fired frequently is going to have a different feel and action than one just out of the kit. Firing from a standing position as well as one that is braced in some manner such as being prone or having the weapon artificially braced will demonstrate all the major conditions that you will go through when using the AK-47.

AK-47 Foldable Stock: If the AK-47 already has a foldable or collapsing stock, then you’ll want to test fire with all of the stock settings first to get a good feel of the weapon.

Magazine: If you use more than one size of magazine on a regular basis, such as a 5 round and a 10 round for example, then you should fire the weapon with both types of magazines.

You may find that some things will stand out right away while others are more subtle and take time to show themselves. This is because we are all built differently and we have our own unique way of firing a weapon. Getting a new stock is essentially tailoring the AK-47 to your own specific needs which means if you have longer arms for example, then you might need a longer stock or not depending on your own shooting style.

Using a particular case of a person that has longer arms and neck with a standard issue stock, the changes for the AK-47 may look something like this;

  • Longer Stock: Better pull length
  • Added Weight: To deal with the recoil and help balance the weapon
  • No Folding Joint: Gets in the way of shooting
  • Adjustable Length: To be used in different firing situations
  • Higher Comb: Better comfort and for using open sights on the weapon

With these changes in mind, it may seem like a tall order to find the right butt stock. However, the fact that having one that is adjustable in length automatically pushes it towards the adjustable stocks that is out there. This means that the focus will be on the materials, locking ability and overall weight of the stock itself for the person who wants to fire it.

What follows is a series of stock adaptors and extensions that may work well for a person who is looking for these types of changes. Not all of these stocks may still be present, but they do give a strong idea of what someone would look for in the selection of stocks for their AK-47

The Stock Selection Process

What follows are four examples of stock kits that can be purchased which match the theoretical changes that were listed by the shooter. All of the following stocks fall into the general category of what the shooter is looking for according to their own physical characteristics and shooting style. It may very well be that another shooter with similar physical characteristics would go in a completely different direction.

Nevertheless, here are four different stock kits that generally meet the needs of this particular person.

Magpul ACS Stock: This is a very flexible stock that provides the adjustability needed for different shooting conditions. Plus, it has the feel of a modified rifle stock that makes it more comfortable with a traditional shooting.

Another advantage is the added weight that it brings thanks to the battery compartment, better balance and improved target acquisition as well. The comb height is such that the neck muscles are not as fatigued.

Saiga Tactical Assault Stock: Arguably not that ideal considering that it has buffer tube that is designed for a Saiga-style rifle which is a vital component of the stock, so a UTG Adaptor is going to be needed. The adaptor itself is not very pleasing to the eye and does not look like it would be a good combination considering what else this particular stock will need to accomplish. However, it’s still in the ballpark when it comes to the general stock that is needed.

Magpul CTR Compact Retractable: Arguably a little light which means that it suffers in the balance department somewhat, but overall this can be helpful if carrying the weapon over long distances. For those who hunt or enjoy shooting competitions where moving and firing are part of the sport, then this may very well work out for your needs. Otherwise, if you are staying in one place most of the time, then it might be passed for a heavier stock instead.

Vltor E Modstock: This is one of the more popular stocks for the AK-47 as it has a really good finish that helps highlight the weapon. Also, the fit is pretty good for someone with longer arms and a tall neck. One of the biggest assets of this particular stock is how it absorbs recoil quite well. Plus, the butt pad itself offers an extra 1” of extension that really helps stretch out the arms when firing.

The proper evaluation of what type of stock is needed is a combination of proper identification, research and ultimately selection of the type of stock that meets the specific needs. This means that for you to find the best AK-47 stock built for your physical characteristics and shooting style, you will need to know your weapon pretty well so that you can make the best informed decision.