AR-15 Flashlights & Light Mounts

If you have an AR-15 that you want to mount a flashlight, then you will probably want to know if such a thing is possible and if so, which type of flashlight will work best for your needs. The answer to the first question is yes, the AR is capable of having a flashlight mounted to the weapon in a safe and secure manner.

Flashlights in some respects offer a low-cost alternative to using special night-vision scopes when using the weapon at night or in low-light conditions. What follows are some different choices you can make when finding ways to mount a flashlight on you

AR-15 weapon.

Light/Mount Combinations

To keep things as simple as possible, you can use picatinny rails and not need any modifications if you use the following brand of flashlights;

  • Leapers LED Mini-Weapons Light
  • Leapers LED Tactical Weapons Light
  • Rico Alpha X-9 Tactical Forend Vertical Grip

You can use other lights of similar sizes and requirements as well. These are the type of lights that will work best with minimal modifications.

1” Tube Flashlights

Here, you can take flashlights of this size that have a push-button on their end cap and mount them on a simple rail. You can also use the ElZetta Front Sight Tower Light mount as well. This is arguably the simplest and certainly the cheapest way to mount a simple flashlight on your weapon. You can also use a picatinny rail on the side and mount the flashlight there by simply using your thumb.

The Surefire 6P or G3 LED flashlights are perfect for such uses and you can select from a number of different mounts as well, such as the ElZetta ZORM flashlight holder or the Vltor Offset Scout mount as well. Either one works very well if you want to use a cheap flashlight and inexpensive rail and mount.

Pistol Rail Flashlight Mounts

Another inexpensive method is to use flashlights that are designed for pistol mounts. Such mounts will also fit common picatinny rails as well, making them quite cheap and effective. The advantage here is the small size of the mount and flashlight which will add little to the overall weight of the weapon itself. You can use the following items which work quite well;

In addition, you can also add a laser to the mount as well in case you want to have even more capabilities. You can use lasers that have an optional remote switch that is pressure-activated so you can engage the laser when you want with just the push of a button. There are two lasers that would work quite well with that set-up;

There are a number of ways you can add a AR-15 flashlight to your weapon while only making minor modifications that will increase your ability to see at night while adding very little to the overall weight.