ATI 10/22 stock reviews

Overall good look

Good 10/22 stock for the price. Cheaper than the competition. I had an issue the first day that I took it out that the plastic area above the rubber grip had some flashing that cut into my hand. Took the ATI 10/22 stock home and went over the whole thing with some files and sandpaper and it looks really clean now. Picatinny rails are strong. I have a bi-pod mounted to the lower.

Good Ruger 10/22 Stock

Follow the instructions on the manufacture’s website and throw away the one in the box. I love the look and feel now that I have it installed. The scope fits well on the original metal rail. The original 10 round magazine works flawlessly.

good fit and finsh

got this 10/22 stock last night while it was on sale, range today and for once a .22 doesnt feel like a small bb gun. its also very comfortable and easy to assemble. instructions were reasonably well written and had decent pictures. Only time will tell how it will hold up but from what i can tell its well made and is very rigid. Feels like a well made product. And MSP has bee a quality shop to buy all my 10/22 Accessories.

Just OK

ATI 10/22 stock looks good. But the feel isn’t what I was expecting. The 10/22 stock has rough plastic edges that I actually cut myself on and got a plastic splinter. Putting it together was easy enough, but it feels a little cheap for the money to me. We’ll see how the range feels.

Good quality, poor fit

Bought the ATI 10/22 stock today and attempted to install it. The product is great quality but it did not fit my gun properly. The top cover would not mate up with the lower and the barrel was off-center in the stock. Maybe I got a bad one. Gave it three stars for obvious durability and overall looks. Wish it had fit properly.