ATI 870 Stock Review

The ATI 870 Stock T2 comes with two cheek risers to make available for tremendous array of potential cheek weld heights, and all the hardware and tools required for setup. The butt stock rides on a commercial-spec, AR15 receiver expansion with 6 adjusting locations, and fit is exact and wobble-free. The Scorpion recoil absorbing rubber stuff of ATI adorns the pistol grip along with the back.

An ambi QD socket is right at the back, along with a single- point may be placed on each side close to the receiver or replaced with a flush spacer. The dovetail receiver mounting system is strong and accurate.

Fit, machining, and end are all superb as well as the grade of the polymer is not very bad. A small opening is present between pistol grip and trigger guard and is full of some part of foam rubber. Aesthetically, it’d be more pleasant if that fit was as accurate as the fit is everywhere else, although there is no wobble or play due to this. But, the Remington 870 has had a handful of trigger guard layouts over time, both in aluminum and polymer, and it appears that this handle was made to fit them all.

The Halo Side Saddle is of a sleeker design than a lot of the competitive product in the marketplace, and is also exceptionally end user-configurable. Machining and fit on this particular aluminum bit is quite striking. It ought to be mentioned that, unlike a few other units, the Halo doesn’t make use of the factory receiver pins for mounting and is created to bolt to 870 receivers, which are exploited from the factory on top. HCTC Firearms knocked that out immediately with the Halo working wonderfully as its own template although this shotgun didn’t have a tapped receiver.

Each Add-a-Shell slides over a dovetail on each side before it is clamped in place and it’s an individual component. Small rubber nubs in the Add-a-Shells supply favorable enough retention in your additional ammo that it’s possible to be added upward from the underside (brass down), making removal faster and simpler. For the record, the front bead sight is observable with the railing so without an optic the shotgun is quite good.

Machining on the forend is outstanding. Railing sections — including one with a sling swivel stud constructed in — may be bought individually and put along the five, dovetailed mounting rails. It is a good touch, although the railing sections don’t just bolt on but really need to be slipped down from either end, fitting exactly on the v shaped dovetail. The retaining bolts have temporary screw thread locking compound pre-applied, as does the hardware for all of the ATI parts seen here.

It isn’t unusual for an aftermarket forend to have clearance problems with receiver side saddle systems, frequently causing short-stroking, but the Talon fit flawlessly. ATI’s socket wrench makes installation and removal a breeze, as well as the checkering on it was cut as a high end 1911’s. The sole catch is the fact that the wrench is aluminum, so you will most likely need to go to a gunsmith to allow them to set their high-priced tools to work if you’ve got an extremely tenacious forend nut.

Caps are replaceable and are sold individually. When you get bored with one or become tired of blowing the rear window from the rig accidentally each single time you drop the shotgun in there, you can change things up.

Clean machining, quite exact fit that needed no tinkering and deep anodizing was the case across the board. Hardware, even the small bolts, seems to be rather high grade, U.S.-made item and the use of screw thread locker from the factory is quite amazing.