ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce Stock Review

There’s an extensive range of after-market body kits available for the Ruger 10/22 series of rifles, which vary from the Charger pistol kits, strategic models, and kits made for precision and competition shooting. Advanced Technology International provides their Strikeforce line of products, which are available for many styles of rifles such as the 10/22 and these others:

Additionally to the rifles, they provide products for many models of shotguns that contain the same type of stock and traction.

The one thing to notice before making this modification will be to pay attention to the laws about overall length in every state. Fortunately for us, starting at the start of 2013, Michigan revised the relevant rules for the duration of rifles and shotguns. Before the change, a gun had to have a barrel of at least 16″, along with an overall length of at least 30″. Nevertheless, the new legislation allows a gun to have a total period of larger than 26″ in the shortest possible firing configuration. At the folded state, the 10/22 carbine measures at 26.1″.

The length of pull can fit and adapt beyond what’s capable with the factory carbine body. Entirely collapsed the stock is shorter than before, and the next notch out is just about the same. Then there are four additional adjustments which have an increased length to accommodate those with more extended arms. Considering that the stock is spring loaded to fold, there’s a small amount of vertical bend when the rifle is shouldered, but it does take some applied force to notice. The body is very stiff, with little to no creaking or bending once installed.

Fold, the ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce stock with 18.5″ barrel is shorter than the initial body. The folding stock makes the carbine very streamlined and could be maneuvered in tight spaces easily. It might not quite as streamlined as Ruger’s Takedown 10/22, but unlike the Takedown, the weapon system remains fully operational within this configuration. We have not tested the time it may take to reassemble a Takedown and employ it but might wager that it’s a long process with more exceptional motor skills required. In an awkward situation in very cramped environments like inside an automobile, the gun could be wielded without too much difficulty.

The barrel and receiver assembly drops in as quickly as the factory stocks and accommodates the broader magazine release by Main Weapons Systems as well. The takedown screw is also flawlessly transitioned from old to new. The magazine well is unimpeded by the change in design, and readily accepts the flush match 10 round rotary and protracted mags alike. All of the other tactile functions are unchanged such as the charging handle, button security, and bolt lock lever.

In this example, the upper thermal cover had to be altered with dremel to do space for the Williams Fire Sights rear sight, as it expands backward further than a factory 10/22 sight. This modification doesn’t interfere with the screws that hold the upper shell on the main body, nor does it undermine the structural integrity. There are six screws in total that hold the top cover down, which does have to be removed at any moment the action and the barrel would be to be removed for cleaning or maintenance. The kit includes adjustable cheek piece featuring a soft foam pad with 3M adhesive.

When used at the lowest height, the iron views are always online, and the rest can be increased to be used with various optics platforms. The cutout toward the back of the cheek piece allows a sling adapter to be attached around the stock tube and keep it in position rather nicely. The one thing to notice on the stock tube and the stock itself is they’re a proprietary size. The stock tube isn’t compatible with any other industrial Or mil-spec stocks, though ATI provides an upgrade kit that has an aluminum industrial stock tube to be capable of utilizing other forms and brands of shares.

The inventory can either be run parallel with the rest of the gun, or there’s an extra piece that connects the human body and stock tube. By installing this bit, the inventory is angled down slightly, that makes the use of iron stains vastly easier by eliminating the need for an aggressively large cheek weld. This also will help to keep the rear cushion of the stock lower on the trunk for better recoil management. To fold down the capital, the button on top of the stock tube itself requires just to be pushed down, letting the stock to bend and bending set up close to the entire body.

Thank you for your interest in our article and website. Please take a moment to see the Kydex holsters that people make, all at a very affordable price. Visit the shop here: KCT Kydex web store. The bottom of the pistol grip has two little Phillips head screws, which when removed allow the clasp to separate. This exposes the two further screws to remove the whole grip from the human body. There are small gaps on the sides of the plastic insert, which might be hollowed out for storage of small parts, additional screws, earplugs, other rounds, etc. As the rear of the clasp is wholly made from rubber, some openings expose when the fastener is flexed horizontally from side to side. This is part of ATI’s Scorpion Reversing System, which reduces felt rebound at the shooters hand.

The kit comes supplied with a four railing section, 3 2 pieces, and another two slice with sling attachment point. These rails are all made of plastic. Nevertheless, ATI does offer aluminum rails as an upgrade part. All mounting hardware is included, along with trunk and action must be removed to put in or remove the sections. For when the rail panels aren’t being used, there are little clips that fill the openings. There are mounting points on every side and the top, no matter how the top section blocks from the iron sights. At a price of $109.99 +tax from Cabela’s during the time of purchase, this is an excellent option for people who want to add an efficient platform to an already excellent weapon system.

The visual Function of the ATI Ruger 10/22 Strikeforce body functions well with the legendary Ruger 10/22 credibility and accuracy. It’s versatile in its application folding to over 26 for tight space engagements, and may immediately adapt for shouldered employment. Depending upon the installation of the railing sections one can conduct vertical grips and hand stops, lights, lasers or some other accessories in addition to any design system.