ATI SKS stock reviews

Strike force

The ati sks stock excellent fit-out of the box. Nice and tight, no travel. I didn’t have to grind or remove material like some claim. Had trouble removing old gas tube cover. I recommend buying a new gas tube with rail. More comfortable, and you will be happier. Polymer mags don’t fit I recommend grinding the little nub off the mag rather than modify the sks stock. Mag fits tight looks feels shoots awesome. The best item on the market for upgrading the sks.

Excellent Fit

Norinco SKS, the stock essential, just clicked in as if it was a custom fit. I highly recommend ATI Outdoors. The final result has had added a modified UTG rail that I tapped into the receiver to double ensure no wandering of sight during a fire. I find it easier to alter the Tapco “duckbill” mags by merely shaving off the endpoint of the “bill” to fit the stock. Also, I drilled/tapped the ati sks stock end piece to fit the supplied sling mount. Just a beautiful result. The total build time/conversion time was less than 3 hours. Shooting 2-inch groups at 60 yds (yes, 60 yds on my private shooting alley) with PPU SP ammo and a 1x red dot. I swear that accuracy has improved somewhat. The ati sks stock is the centerpiece. I highly recommend it.

I had a Choate side

I had a Choate side-folding pistol grip stock on my sks before this one. Perfect setup. But I wanted something more tactical. I saw this one and that the movement in the but stock that been fixed, so I made my purchase. I have the Norinco, and the stock fits perfectly. Snug as could be. The side folder on this stock seems to be very well built. I installed a Picatinny railed gas tube, and my gun has an entirely new and very tactical look! Sixty rounds through it so far, but still feels like new.

Sharpest and Most Functional SKS Stock Out There

I’m particular when it comes to my weapons, so I won’t just purchase anything. I’ve shopped for over a year for a system that would serve my needs for my SKS refit. Hands down, I couldn’t have made a better purchase than this one. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about how my weapon looks. Changed out the receiver cover with a rail system and mounted a Nikon P223 scope. Added the more massive butt pad….she’s a beast. No doubt about it, I’d purchase this system again.

No bayonet? We will see about that.

We will see about that. I was kind of skeptical about buying this ati sks stock at first, as I didn’t want to remove my bayonet. And instructions say you have to. But I was a pretty handy guy. Nothing a small grinder couldn’t fix. I love this stock, and with a little modification, I was able to keep my bayonet mounted and foldable.

Everything fit great, no filing or shaping required on the Norinco, except the bit of grinding to keep the spike bayonet. I just used a Dremel tool to file out a slot in the bottom pic rail mount section so the blade would still fold flat and it worked perfectly. I can also still use the pic rail section if I do decide to take off the bayonet. It brought the sks into the 21st century along with a MagWedge receiver pic rail for optic mounting. Excellent product all around!

Great SKS stock, just some minor criticisms.

The build quality, for the most part, is fantastic. Mine needed a little bit of catching were the trigger group locks in to get it to seat all the way, but I 100% expected some fit issues as most SKS’ are slightly different. The one complaint I have is the screw that holds the pistol grip on is threaded directly into the polymer. I wish it had a threaded insert molded in to give the pistol grip screw more purchase.

Bought ATI Strikeforce stock.

The gas chamber housing pin would not come out, so I put the original wooden housing back on. It works great have shot only 10/15 rounds three its, but man I’m in love. The old reddish wood on the house, I think, gives it some character. Thanks!
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Well worth the $

I chose this over the other popular one due to looks and company reputation. The only difficulty in assembly was due to the general problem of the SKS. The ATI parts went together great. Mag well was very tight with steel mag. Aftermarket polymer mags won’t fit. My Dremel quickly solved that problem. I suggest turning forward wall of the mag well from a straight in design to a 45° angle. The opening will remain the same, but the angle inside material towards the muzzle end. Do this before assembly if you want to use polymer mags. Instructions and parts list could be better, too.