ATI TactLite Stock for Shotguns

I’ve used a wide range of ATI stocks through the years. The very first was the AKITA adjustable hunting stock. I have a lot of guns with these stocks on them. They’re very convenient and allows shooters of different builds to use the same weapon. They also look like a traditional shotgun stock. This ATI TactLite Shotgun Stock doesn’t Look like a conventional inventory found on your grandfather’s rifle. As its name suggests, it looks move just like a stock found on several modern sporting rifles. I was frankly astounded At its weight, or perhaps I should state its lack of weight.

ATI has been an industry leader in the use of high power polymers in stocks. Through the years we have learned about the excellence of those materials. They’re light, durable and may be molded in very smooth and ergonomic contours. ATI has also figured out how to create among the best, if not the best, rebound buffer in any aftermarket stock. Their pads just look to soak up whatever recoil is thrown at them and keeps it away from the shooter’s shoulder. I decided to mount this inventory on Remington 870, which I keep at home protection. I wanted a stock which may be adjusted to match anyone who might need it.

Installation was quick and straightforward. It took just a couple of minutes. Apparently, the range is really where I find out anything shooting works. It’d been some time since I’d shot at some of the Hevi Shot home defense loads that I keep on hand, which I took a number of them along with some elderly 00 Buck loads. I loaded the magazine, but a retained camera is empty to start. I prefer to be as realistic as possible whenever I am evaluating a commodity, therefore I set up a goal for 21 possibly the length of an ordinary room, and began shooting.

I surrounded the round and fired and after that repeated that procedure till magazine was empty, leaving a stock on my shoulder. I was able to maintain all the rounds on the target, and the kickback was quite manageable. I destroyed several targets but felt entirely comfortable with the T3 outfitted 870 shooting some 2.75 home shield loads. I took 3 turkey loads, merely to see how a stock would feel with those much more powerful shells. I can tell a difference, but they weren’t uncomfortable to shoot. As I shot, I corrected the inventory to all of its lengths and adjusted the cheek piece several times.

This is one sturdy stock, despite its light weight. It provides you a real sense of confidence in its capacity to remain where it should. I will Keep T3 ATI TactLite Stock on which 870 and maintain the magazine full of home shield loads. It is winning combination.