ATI x1 grip reviews

ATI x1 grip

You’re goin’ in the right direction. Fast n efficient service. You might let people know, the ATI x1 grip is suited for short fat fingers n the x2 for long thinner fingers. At the top of the web curve the where the rubber meets the polymer (or plastic) whichever it’s called, doesn’t transition well n the plastic edge is too sharp. Other than that, when the time comes for me to get another grip, it will be an ati x2 grip. Thank-u.

This is the Best Ever

I was given a gift of ATI furniture when I bought my AK. When I purchased my AR, the first thing I did was purchase one. Well, I’m now building an AR, so guess what, same pistol grip, different color. I have nerve damage in my hand, both Carpel, and Ulnar. I couldn’t shoot without these. I know I can sit down and shoot all day. Thanks, ATI outdoors

Awesome Grip!

I bought two of these ATI x1 grips and will buy more for future guns. They are comfortable and a perfect fit on my S&W sport 2: fast shipping and excellent company to deal with. I highly recommend them to all.

Hard polymer finger grooves and

Hard polymer finger grooves and body make the grip feel solid. The soft rubber backing mitigates recoil. I also like the angle of the clamps. Plus It’s being sold at a reasonable price; there’s nothing not to like.

Perfect grip for what I

Perfect grip for what I needed! Used it on Ar-15 pistol build that had a bit too much recoil in my hand! This ar-15 grip eliminated the recoil into my palm! I was a skeptic; now I’m a believer!

Great Grip!

This is my first AR build, but I’ve used plenty in the Navy, and no other grip I’ve used compares to this. Perfect size and very comfortable. The black part is a very soft rubber that helps absorb impact and helps in situations when over squeezing the grip for long periods. Highly recommended!!

“It’s lit fam,” as the youth say

Replaced the stock grip on my Springfield SAINT Pistol with this, I landed on it after many hours of YouTube reviews of many different ar-15 grips, and I’m “totes satisfied bro.” I took it out shooting finally, and it was incredibly comfortable. Would holla back.

Excellent grip! I own multiple!

I love these AR grips. I have them on multiple AR’s that I own. I just put the ATI x1 grip on my new AR Pistol. I have large hands, so I like something with a little more mass, but my friend with reasonably small hands just shot my Pistol, and he loves it as well. They are not only really affordable but high quality! The textured front and rubber back make for a reliable hold on the rifle. The angle is helpful for me, and the rear swell where the web of my thumb fits is fantastic as it helps my hand fall into a naturally comfortable position with great trigger alignment. Lastly, I purchased the ati x2 grip to put on my Ruger Precision Rifle (6.5 Creedmoor bolt gun similar to AR platform) because I have large hands, and I wanted something with a little more mass to it. I have an ergo grip on one of my other long guns, and it’s excellent as well, but I am in love with the X1 and ati x2 grip. I will purchase these again!


One of the best AR-15 grips on the market for the price. Fits very helpful in the hand, and the rubberized finger grooves and backstrap keep the grip firm in your hand. If I had one complaint, it would be a lack of a storage compartment, but the recoil pad more than makes up for it. I would recommend the ia to people looking for a long-range rifle build.

Is this the perfect AR grip?

I’ve tried them all. I have a shoe-box full of 25-cent AR-15 grips; buy an LPK, and you pay for another worthless, hard, slippery chunk of molded plastic. Most significant improvement to an AR is the trigger. Right after that should be how you GRIP the weapon. Period. And there’s NOTHING like an ATI Scorpion grip. Lefty or righty, it’s an incredible improvement in gripping comfort and – ultimately – better control of your AR, shot-after-shot.