ATI X2 AR-15 Grip Review

ATI Gunstocks introduced their new X2 AR-15 grip at SHOT Show this season. The Scorpion X2 is an ergonomically designed pistol grip option for the AR-15 or Modern Sporting Rifle. The Scorpion X2 incorporates design characteristics from different grips and is made from DuPont glass reinforced polymer. We reported on the ATI Scorpion X2 grasp in our article on the new Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion 12 gauge shotgun. This fresh Mossberg shotgun option is decked out with ATI Scorpion accessories. We didn’t get an opportunity to shoot the Mossberg Scorpion shotgun at SHOT Show, but we did take time to test the features on the ground, and we were impressed by all the upgrades.

ATI Gunstocks isn’t associated with American Tactical Imports. ATI Scorpion X2 AR-15 Grip. ATI Gunstocks entered the process of designing the handle of the Scorpion X2 AR-15 with a scientific procedure to make a pistol grip with angles and traction distance to the cause. Employing top quality DuPont glass reinforced polymer the Scorpion X2 grip isn’t only comfortable it was designed to maximize grip angle, placement, and rebound direction. The Scorpion X2 AR-15 grip keeps soft, textured grip sections on the front of the grip for finger placement, but removes the finger grooves that are built-in from the first Scorpion X2 AR-15 grip.

Some shooters enjoy the integrated finger grooves. In case the shooter’s hand matches the grooves, this attribute can be extremely beneficial in providing an exceptional grip and improved overall control of the AR-15. Nevertheless, integrated finger grooves restrict the hand dimensions which will fit those capabilities. For this cause, most shooters prefer a AR-15 grip that makes it possible for a better grasp for shooters with an assortment of hand sizes. The Scorpion X2 grip matches Mil-Spec receivers. The Scorpion X2 grip uses Mil-Spec locking rings. The grip angle helps with close-in rifle presentation and recoil administration. The initial AR-15 grip was tough plastic with one finger groove along with a steep angle.

The grip was rather little and has got complaints about lots of shooters. For the last 20 decades or so, with the huge Gain in popularity of the AR-15, there were many accessory options to enter the marketplace. New grips such as the ATI Gunstocks Scorpion X2 is all Improvements which produce the AR-15 even more functional and user-friendly. The ATI AR-15 Scorpion X2 grip was Designed to match with a Mil-Spec locking ring, and won’t Fit with locking rings which have additional sling loops or QD Mounts. The X2 features a substance that absorbs the first shock wave that is the sensed punch of the recoil. The AR-15 Scorpion Handgun Grip increases the comfort of the shooter while decreasing the muzzle lift. The high tang, enhanced curves, and grip supply an exceptional product.

The high tang, improved curves, and gentle grip provide a fantastic product designed for shooter comfort and improved performance.

Scorpion X2 Handgun Grip Features

  • DuPontĀ® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer=
  • V2 Sure Grip Texture Offers excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Model 1911 inspired rear tang for consistent hand positioning and reduced elevator
  • Particularly Designed grip dimensions for grip to trigger space
  • Scorpion recoil grip reduces recoil and muzzle life
  • Finger elevation contour at grip top leads the finger to the trigger
  • Curved front base secures grip, and helps decrease elevator
  • Increased vertical angle on base to get much better ergonomics
  • Not impacted by Chemicals, Load Size or Extreme Temperatures
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Options: Fits rifles, and Ruger 22 Charger pistol with AR-15 grip
  • Available Colours: Black Dark Earth
  • MSRP: $24.99.

Final Ideas

There have been a lot of advancements in AR-15 accessories. Some really good and some not so good. The ATI Gunstocks Scorpion X2 AR-15 pistol grip is one of the good ones. The grip angles, and materials deliver administration and comfort. Additionally, the lower angle and higher tang, provide a natural grasp for the shooter with outstanding recoil administration.

The price of the Scorpion X2 pistol grip is quite aggressive, and the advantages in its own design make it a strong contender for law enforcement, professional, and recreational shooters alike. Nevertheless, the grips makes using QD sling attachments or certain purpose impossible. The shooter may need to decide if their particular demeanor attachment or a improved grip is a greater priority.

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