Ballistic Computer: RIANOV Eagle II

It is what many shooting enthusiasts have finally been waiting for RIANOV has recently introduced their new product from their range, named the ‘Eagle II’. The Eagle II is a small ballistic computing component device that can easily be mounted on the tops of rifle scopes and was most recently spotted being previewed at SOFIC 2014 in Tampa.

This miniature yet fantastic robust computer is able to precisely calculate the exact range to your intended target and allows for the end user a real time ballistic solutions for windage and elevation and adjustments, accordingly. Not only that, but this ballistic computer is also capable of monitoring and reading barometric pressure, cant, angle and even temperature. This provides the end user with a vast variety of shooting solutions at their very fingertips.

According to a wide majority of many online sources, sites and blogs, the military variant of RIANOV’s Eagle II is able to accept range inputs from RULR, STORM, and RAPTOR LRF’s. The Eagle II is also known to support the Modular Sniper Display system and can also support adjusted Aimpoint systems.

The Eagle II was manufactured to be able to store dope information incredibly, for up to 16 varieties of weapons. The information stored on the computer can easily be accessed and changed through its remote keypad. This keypad can be placed anywhere (within reason) on the firearm for maximum ease and comfort for the end user.

The compact and  miniature RIANOV Eagle II provides all necessary and fundamental information on a small but clear to see LCD display screen; information such as text and ballistic solution details. It can also automatically capture data in the likes of barometric pressure, temperature, cant and look angle, which allows for the end user to be entirely focused on what is happening down on the range.

The Eagle II is also available with scope and rail mounts for 1″, 35mm, 34mm, and 30mm scopes, respectively. It is known to support .22LR through to .50 Cal, and comes with a remote 5 button function keypad. It also comes in at a light weight of 1.7 oz, and a sufficient altitude range of -1,600ft to 29,600ft, plus not forgetting to mention an operating temperature that ranges from -40°F to 140°F. The Eagle II is available at an MSRP of approximately $750, whereas international orders are looking to pay around the $900 mark. Mount kits will be retailing for around $59 each.

For a full list of features and specifications for this highly anticipated ballistic computing device, see below:



  • Accepts Range inputs from STORM / RULR LRF’s

  • Automatically captures environmental data

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Cant angle

  • Captures Uphill/Downhill angles

  • JBM Ballistics Solver

  • Remote 5 Function Keypad (User input)

  • Scope Mounted Ballistic Computer

  • Simple Truing property based on the end users DOPE

  • Stores information for up to 16 Weapon Systems

  • Supports .22 long thru .50 Cal

  • Supports Adjusted Aimpoint & Modular Sniper Display

  • Temperature

  • US$900.00 for International orders



  • Altitude Range: -1,600ft to 29,600ft (-300m to 9,000m)

  • Angular Range (Slope): ±85° (Look Angle)

  • Angular Range (Cant): ±90°

  • Angular Resolution: < 0.1°

  • Barometric Pressure Resolution: 0.01 INHg

  • Battery Type: CR-123 (1 required)

  • Display: LCD 16 Character x 3 Rows

  • Mounts to 34mm Scope Tube: 1.535” Height Rings

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

  • Optical Ranging: > 5,000 Yards

  • Size: 59mm x 21mm x 10mm

  • User Interface: 5 Function Keypad – Custom placement

  • Weight: ~1.7 oz.