Best AK Stocks

The standard issue AK-47 stock is similar to vodka in specific ways Profession, straightforward, and dependable. It appears entirely simple Compared to its counterparts developed from the decadent, capitalist West by and for the bourgeoisie. The Avtomat Kalashnikova, despite all of its rocky, proletarian people’s glory, does have some flaws. Occasionally the buttstock, designed for peasant conscripts nourished on the borscht and the Marxist dialectics, it is just too short for individuals overfed Western imperialists running dog lackey. Not only can the butt of some imported variations of the AK, both -47 and -74, be a bit small for American shooters, we spoiled, decadent, counter-revolutionaries also would like to be capable to adjust the inventory to match over one person, or help us utilize electronic sights and scopes more efficiently.

Unsurprisingly, Western Imperialist industry has generated a host of replacement stocks for the Avtomat, obviously pathetic effort to commodify and tainted Mikhail Kalashnikov’s brainchild from the natural tool of the individuals in something better suited for the depraved tastes of a pampered Capitalist pig including me. Therefore, Comrade, if you already claim kulak as possession of an AK of some type, and you would like to change the inventory for some Imperialist reason, here’s a list of 5 most popular replacement stocks to consider.

Magpul Zhukov AK-47 Stock Kits

Magpul’s Zhukov inventory for your AK rifles installs with no adjustments into many stamped receivers.

It both collapses and folds, and the gun can be fired with the stock folded. It is available in lots of colors, allowing you to individualize your otherwise gray, collectivistic Machine. It’s got a nice rubber butt pad, and if you have put an optics of some type on your rifle, then you may take detachable cheek risers for it. In a nutshell, the Zhukov does all of it in one convenient bundle. And like the Minelli and the Arsenal, you may get it as part of a furniture set. Not just that, it shares a name with Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, the most decorated and hugely revered Russian general of the wonderful Patriotic War.

ATI AK-47 TactLite Elite Stock Package

Anyone searching for an easy and fast Upgrade to their AK furniture should look closely in the ATI AK-47 TactLite Elite Package with the Scorpion recoil system. That is a polymer replacement kit with all extras at a low price. You get a side folding, six place stock with an inner softening system, tall and short adjustable cheek rest, ambidextrous QD sling swivel points and non-slip, recoil absorbing, removable buttpad.

Also included is an ergonomic tactical pistol grip with rubber inserts and finger grooves, as well as ventilated top and lower handguards with a quad rail design and a sling swivel for installing optics or AK accessories. The apparel is made in the USA to get 922r compliance and comes along with a warranty.

Impact Weapons Components RDAK-M4 AK into M4 Stock Adapter.

Although technically not stock, this gizmo provides flexibility and permits some severe AK stock upgrades. The IWC Ak-47/74 Adapter for Ar-15 type buttons is simple To install on most AK versions, and allows you to use any AR-15 style buffer tube and buttstock combo you’d like.

If you plan on having an optic of some kind, this adapter increases the stock height a little and gives nearly eye position to get a dot or scope. It does, however, do it challenging to see throughout the iron sights. This innovative, but straightforward device is a good way to modernize the 1947 ergonomics of the Kalashnikov.

TAPCO Collapsible AK-47 Stock for stamped receivers

Solid enough for fun purposes. It requires a little bit of persuasion with a hammer to fit in the frame. However, this is a great thing. Set gun slam on a block of timber, and hit the butt of the stock firmly a few times with a heavy rubber hammer to seat it in the frame.

Requires the drilling of a few holes in the stock to locate it correctly in the mounting holes, but they comprise the screws and a drill you will need. Easy to set up so long as you are cautious with the drill. The stock adjusts rapidly and efficiently, and while there’s some play between the interior and outer pieces, that’s to be expected. The sling slot under the body tube makes a fantastic spot to place a sling to wear in the assault-style. You might have to start the slot up a bit to get the clip end of the sling. All in all, a good product and a fair purchase for the money.