Blackhawk SpecOps Folder Shotgun Stock

The sleek SpecOps Folder takes the pain out of shooting magnum buckshot and slug loads even when the stock is folded. A sturdy, rubber-coated, folding wire-frame stock with integral rubber buttpad collapses easily over the receiver for convenient storage and mobility in tight spaces such as vehicles, motorcycles, hallways, and entryways. Shooters testing the SpecOps Folder with magnum buckshot loads found that there is virtually no muzzle rise and that recoil was significantly reduced in both the open and folded positions.

  • Durable polymer and alloy construction
  • Single recoil-compensation system reduces felt recoil by up to 50%
  • Quick and easy single-bolt installation
  • Simple, quick-to-operate folding mechanism
  • Ergonomic pistol grip with integrated non-slip texturing

There is one category of the stockless pistol-grip shotgun primary intended for the armed services, law enforcement and/or for home defense. That particular type of pistol grip stock known as PGO (Pistol Grip Only) shotgun is sometimes called “cruiser shotgun” because of famous Mossberg 500 Model Cruiser. As a highly specialized niche tool intended for tactical entry (for example as a breaching team part of equipment) or home defense the cruiser style shotgun (sans buttstock) requires much of the time and spent shotshells at the ranges in order to shooter attained complete mastery of this weapon type. With experience based on real life and not on Hollywood movies, many operators can assure you that pistol grip does not turn your 12 gauge into a handgun and the pistol grips are not user-friendly to quick and natural shotgunning, especially at mid-ranges. Although there is occasionally need for increased maneuverability in tight spaces such as hallways and entryways, or for convenient storage in vehicles when traveling, our advice would be to re-evaluate ‘’ pistol grip only” configuration shotgun and get both worlds in one folding stock.

The ideal way to create your home defense shotgun is with mounting some of the aftermarket folding stocks, and Blackhawk SpecOps Folder Shotgun Stock is one of the favorite top folders since this brand is a synonym for the quality gear that sets new standards for both durability and reliability. The shotguns equipped with stocks like it can act as “pistol grip only” or when unfold it shooter get a pistol grip with a solid, rubber-coated, folding wire-frame stock with integral rubber buttpad. Founded in 1993 with headquarters is in Norfolk, Virginia, the Blackhawk Products Group is the world leading manufacturer of tactical gear for law enforcement agencies and civilian market. Blackhawk bought out Knoxx Industries over a few years ago and is currently they offer maybe the best aftermarket stocks available. Among its vast pallet of products primarily are distinguished their recoil reducing stocks. The subject of this overview will be top folder dubbed SpecOps Folder Shotgun Stock transferring a common pump-action gun into a cruiser version of a shotgun.

The first feature catching the eye of us with military experience is its slight similarity with mythological MAC-10 machine pistols wire stock. Obviously, higher-end stocks like the Knoxx/Blackhawk SpecOps top folder is better than the cheaper ones from late 60`s Ingrams. The folding wire frame is covered with a rubbery material and with a simple squeeze of the rods toward each other collapses easily over the receiver, making it a compact package for transport or CQB situations. Knowing the Knoxx/BLACKHAWK SpecOps Folder Stock as a quality product, it is understood that the sturdy folding mechanism is simple and easy to operate even under stress or while wearing gloves. However, the main advantage of this hardware is the incredible absence of recoil followed by minimal muzzle rise. Due to improved ergonomics and the patented recoil-reducing mechanism, the SpecOps Folder shotgun stock cuts perceived felt recoil by over 50%. The unique mechanism consists of a spring inside the pistol grip portion that attaches to the upper slide portion that helps spread the recoil over a longer time period. Shooters testing the SpecOps Folder with 3-inch magnum buckshot and slug loads have found that recoil was significantly reduced, even when the stock is folded. The Blackhawk SpecOps Folder weighed in at significant 2.08 pounds, is made of steel with synthetic rubber coating and pistol grip of polymer that combined with the recoil reduction allows a more pleasurable shooting experience. While the stock is in folded position, it leaves plenty of clearance for standard sights, ghost ring or other rear sight systems up to 1-7/8″ wide acquiring quick sight picture. The Blackhawk/Knoxx SpecOps has an excellent, ergonomic pistol grip that makes it easy to manipulate the safety but on the other hand, the grip makes it difficult to reach the slide release button on the Mossberg 500’s. Another complaint would be that folding shotgun stocks generally make it much harder to achieve a good cheek weld, and it will be less comfortable than the fixed alternatives. Nevertheless, you would not forget the SpecOps top fold stock was never designed for skeet or birds shooting, but home defense from the two-legs intruders.