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BlackPoint Tactical produces A complete line of KYDEX products built around the ideas of comfort and concealment. We create handmade products that are Made in the united states. We do our best to make a top excellent product exceeded only by the degree of client support provided. Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Holster. KYDEX in which you require it, leather in which you would like it. Carrying a pistol is never an easy task. Blackpoint Tactical knows that and therefore tries to make it possible for people. Their mission is to give advanced firearms solutions for firearms enthusiasts. The KYDEX range of products that are meant to make carrying pistols comfy and also easy to hide is another step towards fulfilling this mission.

Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Holster is their newest innovation. That’s high on usability and comfort. What’s Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Holster. This is something for your relaxation. The Blackpoint Tactical Leather WING holster is revolutionary with regards to the comfort level and usability that it gives. It offers optimal comfort without having to sacrifice the primary task of weapon concealment and retention. Most customers who’ve attempted it’s termed it as the most comfortable holster available on the market today. Leather WING is designed bearing in mind the people’s requirements and relaxation. The KYDEX center is accountable for providing adjustable retention whereas the leather wings are incredibly flexible to bend to the hip dimension of the wearer.

The KYDEX and leather color are black, which gives the holster a formal look. The standard loop kind is 1.75, OWB Kydex Holster . What makes Leather Wing special? It is the level of relaxation and concealment it supplies. The leather wing is the most comfortable holster available in the market today. In case you have a Glock, this is the ideal way to carry it around. It’s durable and holds the Glock well, thus making it easy to hide. Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing fits around the hip and moves in the right level to make sporting it comfy. The gun fits in firmly, and you feel comfortable carrying all of it the day long. The proper amount of KYDEX and leather makes Leather Wing an excellent holster for your Glock. Try one today, and you’ll never regret your decision.


Blackpoint Mini Wing Holster. The Mini WING&trade, holster for the Glocks Pistols is Black points newest IWB holster. This holster ties together many elements of the other popular holsters to make an IWB bundle that is comfortable. With regards to IWB KYDEX holsters, there are two schools of thought&hellip – Put a soft backing on the body side of the iwb case to make it comfortable. 2- Make an IWB holster thin and so small the wearer doesn’t realize it’s there. They provide a heel of the first class with our big and small hybrids, plus they’re enthusiastic about entering the second class.

They aimed to make the smallest possible holster footprint while still maintaining two points of attachment for equilibrium. The miniature wing design enables to diminish the size of the heel proportional to the extent of the pistol. In its restricted preexisting release, it’s already surpassed all of our other IWB holsters as out best selling IWB holster. For people who’re dedicated to IWB carry, and people who thought they might never take this way, this holster is crucial try!.