BOBRO Aimpoint Mount Review

I lately decided to change my SBR configuration, and return to a regular flat top upper. I’d previously been using the Vltor CASV-EL and LaRue LT-152 mount for my own Aimpoint . Based on the recommendation of another member, I purchased a Bobro Aimpoint mount from Bravo Company. It shipped rapidly, and I received it on Thursday, having ordered it Sunday night. My very first impression was that it’s much smaller in person than it appears in the photos. It’s considerably lighter than I anticipated, being comparable to the LT 150 I also own. The next thing is the machining is beautiful, just like the surface finishing.

The equipment used is very nice, and the 12 points nuts on the ring mate safely with the provided allen wrench. There’s no worry of rounding the fasteners out. I mounted my Aimpoint Pro and assessed the initial value of my trusty Colt 6721/6920 hybrid. It had been dead on. I’d an Aimpoint T1 at an LT tall mount on it before, with the iron sights zeroed at a lesser 1/3 cowitness, and the new combination was perfect. I was impressed by this. The Bobro Mount may quickly be taken on and off with one hand, and the lever releases with power, while not carrying much effort to close.

It also worked apparently easier and more following 15-20 on cycles off. The Bobro Mount has made no marks on my receiver but does show any marking from some railings edges which were rough from use. I discovered that the lever doesn’t snag easily on gears and slings, as it’s much less obtrusive than I’d feared. When it does snag, it doesn’t release, and even with a yank stays solid. Should you yank hard on the lever, it does benefit from a tap towards closed before engaging the security lock to remove it. In the range, I fired 30 rounds to verify the zero, and after that removed the mind, and reinstalled it.

I then fired ten rounds. I repeated this test ten times. Away of sandbags at 100 yards, there was no noticeable change in no time, with the mount pulled forward or backward on the railing. I smacked the mind and mount Difficult with my got in every way and shot at classes – no gap. The mount remained zeroed and solid and was consistently easy to remove and install. After 600 rounds fired today, the mount was solid, with no looseness anywhere. The multi-piece design, which allows for adequate modularity, doesn’t seem to be predisposed towards loosening. It’ll be intriguing to see how this fairs within the long haul, or class. I’m impressed with the Bobro Mount and think that it is a vast improvement over other mount options. The increased functionality concerning mounting and dismounting is impressive.