Breakthrough Battle Born Oil and Battle Born Grease

Breakthrough Clean has recently announced its two brand new products: Battle Born Grease and Battle Born Oil. Along with its very own revolutionary, made in the United Stated of America Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent. It appears that Breakthrough Clean is now ushering in a new era of bespoke technology, where cleaning your firearm is now far safer and faster than ever before. Breakthrough’s state-of-the-art distillation process allows for superior firearm cleaning products which are also incredibly environmentally friendly, virtually odorless and non-toxic. Currently Breakthrough has been approved, qualified, and even utilized on a daily basis by one of the largest users of Firearm Cleaning Technology in the United States; The US Department of Defense! Which is now readily available to you.

A revolutionized Military-Grade cleaning solvent that is safe.

Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent is a non-water based distilled petroleum based solvent that through their thorough proprietary distillation process has had any signs of carcinogens or hazardous waste materials practically wiped out from their award winning cleaning formula. Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent comes with minimal odor, and is able to remove all fouling, while providing a non-staining clean that is able to completely evaporate, which means that the product leaves absolutely no signs of unnecessary residue behind. And would you believe that the product is entirely and truly pH neutral? This means it’s safe on your firearm’s hydro-printing, cerakote, polymers, plastics and even delicate woods.

And unlike many other traditional firearm cleaning solvents, it appears that Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent comes with a flashpoint of 150° F which therefore means it is considered non-flammable. Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent is known to clean incredibly well and efficiently while also dramatically reducing the time it takes of cleaning your firearm while also using less product.

Battle Born Oil.

Battle Born Oil is a unique blend of some of the finest synthetic oils available which have been carefully treated with some of the most effective anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitors additives available. This original combination of components allows for maximum firearm protection and lubrication during extreme environmental conditions. A multi-service protectant and lubricant that is known to be biodegradable for extended service under low and high temperature conditions (ranging from -90°F to 417°F) is one of the core technologies used within Breakthrough’s cleaning products that enables them to achieve such a great reputation.

Battle Born Grease.

Breakthrough’s Battle Born Grease product certainly represents some of the most technology advanced lubricants out on the market today. It is an incredibly versatile, high quality, synthetic grease which has been carefully fortified with Sub-Micron size PTFE. The product is then blended entirely with pure rich synthetic base oils, shear stable thickening agents and additives in order to provide a fully maximum firearm protection in during extremely low and high temperatures (from around -75°F up to 510°F).

Battle Born Grease and Both Battle Born Oil Overview

With both Battle Born Grease and Both Battle Born Oil containing non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous components, it subsequently means that both products respectively are safe to use on all your firearm’s rubber, wood, polymer, plastic and metal parts, which means there is no need to buy specialist products for each and every single type of material on your firearm, Battle Born can do it all in one clean, easy and simple cleaning job!