Camo Form reviews

I love this stuff!

I can’t say enough about this Camo Form wrap. It does everything they claim it can and adheres to itself using the directed wrapping method presented in the directions. I’ve used it to wrap magazines, a Ruger Archangel stock, scopes, etc. and will have to post pictures when I get the chance. As a recommendation, I would buy at least two rolls, depending upon what you want to “camo out” since 12 feet can be gobbled up pretty quickly. I will purchase more in the future!

Got medical tape?

I love this Camo Form! I had purchased one black Camo Form & 1 mossy oak (probably should have bought 2 of each!) to give you an idea of what it is like if you have seen that tan stretch wrap/bandage, it is that stuff exactly but in excellent colors! I was a little Leary while purchasing it; I didn’t know if it was like that bandage stuff or what it was like. It turns out to be an incredible tape/wrap! It conforms (no sliding, moving, or sticking) to whatever your wrapping making for an excellent grip!! It may not be exactly like the bandage wrap because it has a nice tactile feel to it, not sure if the bandage stuff is like that or not? I bought it for my air rifle handles & I plan to use it on my machete handle as well! You can use it for grip tape or cover & conceal, it is well worth the price!! The rolls I bought were the larger size, and sure glad I went with that length now wish I would have bought more! I am planning to pick up the normal/regular style camo color for whatever. It’s great stuff because you can remove it and rewrap it if your not satisfied with the way you have it!
All in all, it’s a worthy product and purchase. I highly recommend this tape! Two thumbs up!!

ACU Camo Form Tape

This tape, in my opinion, is one of the best that I have ever had. It’s been on my gun for a while now, and it hasn’t turned sticky or left a residue. As a helpful tip when you wrap whatever make sure it is tight, this will help it cling the best. Also, this Camo Form will cover anything, even if it gets wet. If you stretch it, one roll will do a while gun and have a little leftover. Overall this tape is excellent to conceal or give you a grip on whatever you want.

Pretty Good Stuff

This camouflage wrap performed as advertised. I bought it to wrap the hard plastic handle of a machete to improve grip and create some cushion. It did its job well. There is no stick adhesive to it, just a cling ability when wrapped onto itself. This is an excellent product if you are looking for something to cover an object with, knife, machete, rifle, but not leave a sticky residue. This is a reliable product. The camo print was a little light in color, but I figured that would not matter for me as it will just get dirty over time anyway.

Making it about 1 inch wide and it’s the best first aid tool in my first aid box if you need to keep a band-aid on a finger or hand, this Camo Form is the bomb. I cut them in half, making it about 1 inch wide, and it’s the best first aid tool in my first aid box…. next to the skin glue. Don’t put in through the dishwasher. I covered my thermos with it to avoid the metal banging sound in my backpack….. and the sticky came to the surface of the tape, nasty!

Good camouflage wrap!

Good stuff! You can wrap your gun with no fear of harming the finish. I have it on a rifle with a synthetic stock, and it provides an excellent tacky grip. It can be taken off at any time. I would recommend a bit of preplanning before starting. It will NOT stick to your stock, only to itself. Stretch it on good and tight. I will repurchase it.

.. a lot of brush busting when I hunt, and my nice gun gets beat up pretty badly
I do a lot of brush breaking when I shoot, and my nice arm gets beat up pretty badly. I wrapped it this last hunt, and it was great. That said, for two days, we had some severe snow, and when I was hunting, the tape got wet. I probably could have just dried it in the tent, but I ended up peeling it off because I was scared about all the moisture. Not sure if that was the right move or not, but my gun dried real fast without the tape on.


This Camo Form works fantastic. It sticks to itself very well and then holds tight. I wrapped and unwrapped one piece six times already, and it is still substantial. I wrapped a gun in it, which came out great, and also a flashlight. Stop debating and buy the Camo Form. You can use it on anything!

Presto! — Magic GunGone!

This Camo Form is fantastic. Low tack enough to maneuver, position and remove it, high nail on the pressure to itself only. A snip here and there, and it conforms and stays put. Easy to make access hatches for parts that need random access. Tough as heck, and excellent coloring, too. The more “patchy” your job is, the more effective it looks.

I was able to completely mummify a P-rod, scope, stock, and all, with one roll. Small leftover strips used on turrets, QD levers, and trigger guard. Get two, just in case.

This material has a grippy surface – great for most things, possibly a problem for others. Used on a buttstock, it can hang coming into position. On the other hand, it stays put very well. I wouldn’t use it on any surface that has to slide easily or quickly.

I can “see” my Mini-14 “disappearing” already!

Fantastic quality

This stuff is legit; it’s like that tan-colored medical wraps used in hospitals and used by medics except its colored with camo. This stuff worked great, I applied it to my knives, and there is NO way they would ever slip out of my hand even with a loose grip. I have tested this by getting this stuff wet; it doesn’t lose its grip even then. Not only does it provide an amazingly comfortable grip, but it gives padding and can be used to adjust the width of handles on knives by wrapping around several times. Like the product says, it only sticks to itself and leaves no trace or residue on the item it is applied to. A fantastic product, my only suggestion is to make a desert digital camo form as it would be much more useful to me. Thanks!