discontinue: Tapco Intrafuse Ruger Mini-14/30 Rifle System

From America’s hottest areas to residential community shooting ranges, the Mini-14/Thirty rifle is a trustworthy weapon loaded in the mainstream .223 bore and 7.62 x 39mm. The Mini-14/Thirty Tapco Intrafuse Stock System upgrades the abilities of the weapon through enhanced ergonomics and strategic adaptability. The Mini-14 Stock gives the shooter six positions to modify the weapon to anyone outline. The SAW style single handed grip offers enhanced solace and an interior stockpiling compartments fit for holding save weapon parts or cleaning supplies. Disguised underneath a removable spread, the lower arm highlights a Picatinny rail equipped for mounting forward grasps and bipods. The included top barrel spread is outfitted with an incorporated rail intended to acknowledge any Picatinny/Weaver style scope rings.

To assist permit the shooter to amass the rifle to his or her needs, we have included two models of beneficiary expansions. The straight expansion is favored by offering an impeccably adjusted cheek weld when shooting with optics. The calculated augmentation is intended to effectively fit all body styles and empowers unhindered utilization of the rifle’s iron sights. Built of military evaluation composite, the Mini-14/Thirty Tapco Intrafuse Stock System is a vital move up to your most loved weapon.


This item won’t work with the Ruger 180 seriers. The stock is intended to work with the 181 and every later serie. Arrangement can be controlled by the initial three quantities of the serial number.

Smaller than expected 14 and Mini Thirty rifles with the processing plant plastic stock will require a stock fortification (excluded).

– Mini-14 stock fortification can be found HERE

– Mini Thirty stock fortification can be found HERE

The Mini-14 6.8 SPC rendition requires the Mini Thirty stock fortification (excluded).

  • Package Includes:
    – TAPCO T6 Stock Body
    – 1 Straight 6 position stock tube
    – 1 Angled 6 position stock tube
    – TAPCO SAW Style Pistol Grip
    – Intrafuse Top Barrel Cover
    – Intrafuse Stock Chassis
    – Lower Rail Cover

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Great stock for mini 14

5 out of 5

Date: January 14, 2020
Great stock for mini 14, very sturdy. It took maybe 10 minutes to put together the first time. Don’t forget the bracket if you are coming from the synthetic stock; the wood stock should already have it. I gave it five stars because it does everything it’s intended to do, however, for the cautious buyers like myself, I’ll point out the unintended issues that arose.1. My scope was too big to stay mounted to the top of the rifle; the front of it hit the Picatinny rails on the new stock, so I had to leave on the factory top until I can get some converter/riser for the scope. 2. It doesn’t come with a butt pad, which I wish I would have noticed when I was buying it. 3. Might have just been mine, but mounting the handle to the stock was pretty tough, had to ratchet it in, couldn’t do it with only a screwdriver.

This mini 14 stock fit like a glove.

5 out of 5

Date: January 14, 2020
This mini 14 stock fit like a glove. It looks fantastic, and you can’t beat the price. Yes, you do have to sand a couple of TINY \’nipples\’ down, but it took me about 20 minutes with a razor blade and a NAIL FILER! Anybody who spent more time than that (especially with better equipment) should not own a firearm, to begin with. Why they have the \’nipples\’ there, to start with, I don’t know, but I’m sure it has something to do with fitting multiple different style AK’s. It comes with instructions, but I just watched a \’you toob\’ installation vid, and it was for a different brand handguard! Straightforward, great product.

Best Mini 14 composite stock

5 out of 5

Date: October 30, 2019
Most other replacement stocks require some “fitting” which is aggravating. Every Tapco stock that I have used have been a simple drop-in assembly…NO “FITTING.” I have tried numerous brands but never again. From now on, it’s Tapco or nothing.

tapco t-6 far superior to the old ramline folding stock

5 out of 5

Date: July 30, 2019
Good nice fit no cutting or drilling required, bad instructions need some work when installing barrel spring cover must be removed and placed Mini-14 in the stock first before the support piece then trigger group. This not mentioned.

good stock

5 out of 5

Date: July 19, 2019
I bought this Mini 14 Stock after seeing it in the Tapco booth at the NRA annual meeting. IN 20 minutes I had it installed on my rifle. Everything fit correctly, with no difficulties whatsoever. So far with 60 rounds through the rifle since installation, there have been no problems and really like this stock. It’s a winner.