Discontinued : Tapco Intrafuse SKS Rifle Stock System with Bottom Rail

Discontinued : Tapco Intrafuse SKS Rifle Stock System with Bottom Rail

The Tapco SKS stock system w/bottom rail will transform this classic rifle with its older features into a new, modern-day weapon. This is accomplished with the kit by replacing all of the original stock components. The older SKS was a very sturdy weapon in its day, but the new parts from this kit allow it to enter the 21st century and have access to modern equipment.

The new components are crafted from high-quality composite materials that provide excellent strength and durability while being lightweight in design as well. With six adjustable positions, the new stock can accommodate most users no matter their physical size or arm length.

Also included in the Intrafuse stock system by Tapco is a new handguard that has been upgraded as well as a Weaver/Picatinny rail. Other features include a SAW pistol grip that is very ergonomic in design, especially regarding the angle that is created. This provides more control and comfort for the user. A small storage compartment is inside the grip as well so that small tools, or useful items can be kept in safety.

However, one of the neatest features of the kit is the inclusion of a lower Picatinny rail. This particular rail allows your SKS to use even more accessories such as the bipod and vertical grip for your weapon. Overall, this is undoubtedly an impressive kit that modernizes your older SKS version and provides it with the ability to use many new accessories as well.

The Tapco SKS Intrafuse Stock System Components

  • SKS Stock Chassis w/Bottom Rail
  • SAW-Style Pistol Grip
  • SKS Railed Handguard
  • Six Position Buttstock w/Assembly & Extension Tube
  • Installation Hardware included


  • Black
  • Olive Drab
  • Dark Earth

The Benefits of the Tapco SKS Intrafuse Stock System

There are many excellent benefits when using this stock system for your SKS. First and foremost, the kit is manufactured in the US using the best parts and components available. Also, for residents of the US, it means that shipping is faster and less expensive.

Mounting Platform: Essentially, the new stock system with w/bottom rail allows you to add more items and accessories to your SKS than before. Plus, the lighter weight design means that they are less cumbersome to add as well.

Six Locking Positions: This adjustable feature allows the stock to move so that it creates maximum comfort for the user no matter their size. This means if you have long arms or short arms, for most users this Intrafuse stock system will work for your needs.

Matching Color Pattern: A subtle benefit to this new system is that the components match the color pattern of the rest of the rifle. This provides a unique, modern appearance to the weapon itself.

Color Options:

MSP is a proud distributor of Tapco products and many other SKS Accessories.

Tapco intrafuse sks stock


 5 out of 5 



Date: November 14, 2019

This Tapco intrafuse stock really makes your old SKS look like a modern rifle. It decreases the weight slightly and allows you to put a light on your rifle..(Which I have yet to do). Putting it together took me about 2 hrs. About 1hr 20 min was trying to get the gas tube covers swapped out. It is a MAJOR pain to remove the pin on the gas tube and took me about 10 min to even find the fat end of the pin as the pin and surrounding metal had all been milled down and looked almost the same. Youtube has some good info on the conversion, particularly the gas tube part. Other than the pin issue, which isn’t really related to the stock at all, I only had some minor filing to the gas tube cover to get a good fit. Once put together, I noted that it shot quite well. The adjustable stock provides for good sight picture when fully extended, and you can quickly shorten the stock for tactical maneuvering. I will agree with a prior comment that the Picatinny rail on the top takes a little getting used to because your iron sights are even with the rail edges and slightly lower. It would be quite easy to mistake the rail edges for your iron sights and align your shots too high.


SKS Tapco kit


 5 out of 5 



Date: November 4, 2019

The SKS Rapco stock kit has a Drop-in fit. No problems. My SKS looks and feels much more modern. The pistol grip is fantastic, like shooting a different (and better) rifle.


SKS Tapco stock is good fun


 5 out of 5 



Date: October 25, 2019

I had to some minor fitting to the SKS Tapco stock to fit a Chinese Norinco. I had to grind the tab that goes into the notch on the front of the stock. But other than that, it fits fine.


Awesome SKS Stock


 5 out of 5 



Date: August 12, 2019

I was skeptical in ordering this stock due to new products, and old items do not always mesh. I do not like hassles with having to modify anything to make it fit. The manufacturers are supposed to do all the research and fitments. I received this stock for my Chinese made SKS fretting over what mods I would have to do. I did none, absolutely none. Kudos to Tapco for all the work. I disassembled my old stock from the weapon. And had the gun back together with the new stock in 20 minutes. No filing, sand, cuttings. This stock has improved the look of this gun by tenfold. Would I order this product again? Yes! Thank you, Tapco.


SKS Replacement Stock


 5 out of 5 



Date: July 22, 2019

I bought one on these Tapco Stocks for my Soviet-made SKS and was extremely satisfied with the quality and ease of installation. There was a little amount of tweaking required for the gas piston shroud; each end fits into the metal caps. Took only a minute with a Dremel tool, but a file would work as well. That was the one modification I had to do; everything else fit perfect. Directions were easy to follow. Would highly recommend, lightened up the gun considerably and made it more “shootable” with the pistol grip and adjustable buttstock.


Great Product


 5 out of 5 

Big D

Location: Alabama

Date: November 7, 2017

Great product and fit great.

  Verified Buyer Recommended 

Atleast e customer service isnt bad.


 1 out of 5 


Location: Lansing Michigan

Date: October 21, 2017

When i ordered the stock i recieved a 10/20 stock instead. Customer services’ willingness to fix the problem quickly was awesome but i had to compromise with a color i didnt really want due to an out of stock problem, however when i recieved the stock the trigger assembly wont fit nor will the piston housing. I will have to have these parts ground down by someone due to the fact i dont have the tools to do it myself. Will cost me another 50 bucks on top of stock. Thank you.



 5 out of 5 


Location: Crossville

Date: October 12, 2017

On time and product worth the money

  Verified Buyer Recommended 

SKS Tapco Stock


 5 out of 5 


Location: Georgia

Date: March 18, 2013

The tapco sks stock fits flawlessly with zero modifications. Turns an old surplus rifle into a modern day rifle for a great price. I highly recommend ordering from this company. I immediately got an email of my order, the next day it shipped. Can’t ask for more than that.


Tapco Intrafuse SKS rifle stock


 5 out of 5 


Location: ca

Date: March 14, 2013

had to modify the stock for the trigger assembly, it wasn’t cut deep enough