Elzetta shotgun mount reviews

The elzetta shotgun mount is a Perfect for my 590

The Elzetta Shotgun mount is a Perfect for my 590 . You can mount it so that the light can be on either side, but I installed mine as seen in the picture so that the left hand can activate it. The top is spaced so that it doesn’t obscure your sights. That’s nice. It does make the gun a bit bulky for storing in a gun case. I wish Elzetta made a mount that places the light directly beneath the tubular magazine.

The elzetta zsm is a Awesome piece.

My one gripe is that to remove it from your gun; it takes the removal of 5 screws/bolts/whatever you call them. Cumbersome, although I understand the reasoning. So if you frequently remove your barrel, be prepared to take this damn thing on and off all the time. But, in spite of that, still a 5-star product. Durable stays put during shooting, excellent piece.

Yes, this is a tremendous tactical mount that should fit on any Mossberg 500 …

Yes, the elzetta zsm is a tremendous tactical mount that should fit on any Mossberg 500 barrel type and Remington. Mine is on a 500 with Hogue overmolds, and I added the pic side mount they make in case I want to add a green dot laser or a combined piece of gear that is flashlight and laser and take off the torch. It gives you a lot of options — a well-made piece.

The elzetta shotgun mount is a extremely Tight Fit…But It Works

I recently purchased The elzetta shotgun mount for my Mossberg 500 Tactical. Installation was simple and easy, yet a pain if not done right. I ordered this by only measuring a 1.65 in. the Gap between the pump assembly and the magazine lock, I must not have read it correctly, thinking it needed 1.50 in. I installed it the first time, and I could not get the action tube assembly to cock, so the round never fully chambered. So I slammed the mount forward as much as possible, then tightened it down. I have no issues now; the series has chambered for the last 20 cartridges, no problems. Long matte black finish, beautiful and sturdy. Holds a streamlight polytac led no problem. Everything you need came with the mount. I would recommend this mount.

None Better than the elzetta shotgun mount !!

Like others, I purchased this elzetta shotgun mount to go on my Remington 870 Tactical 12GA. This light mount appears to be made of the same material as the fore-end of my gun(Very high quality). The entire amount is entirely made (right down to the screws) here in the U.S.A. It installs quickly and fits like a glove. Any light that you mount must be 1″ body diameter or less, or it will not fit well, if at all. It comes with shims for views if a smaller diameter is used. This mount does not require the disassembly of the barrel or magazine screw it on. Be careful not to over tighten as it may pinch the magazine and cause a problem with shell loading and extraction.
I installed two different lights on this mount as a test, both purchased here on Amazon for a reasonable price. Lights installed were Trustfie/Ultrafire 501B and C8-T6 XM-l. Both fit in the mount with no modification, except taking the battery cap off, sliding the light in, then reinstalling the lid — no big deal. I put about 20 rounds through the gun with each light attached. None of the lights moved in the mounts, and the mount held steady.
I know that this mount is expensive, but I promise you that it is well worth it.

Solid shotgun flashlight mount

This is an excellent shotgun light mount that survives the kick of a Mossberg 590A tactical shotgun. The only thing to watch out for is over-tightening the bolts. I made this mistake, and the spring in the magazine could not do its job, preventing shells from loading into the chamber. Once I backed out the bolts a half or full turn, the problem was solved. Other than that minor problem, which I caused, this is a super product.

Nice shotgun flashlight mount except.

It’s a well built and sturdy shotgun light mount. It was easy to put on and feels sturdy even with the flashlight mounted. However, I bought a tube extension that has a diameter larger than what I believe this Shotgun Light Mount can handle. The fix was to head to the hardware store and find two screws that would reach from left to right between the barrel and tube extension. If you have a more substantial diameter tube extension than a 12 gauge, you may need extra screws to make this fit.

The shotgun flashlight mount fits on my 590A1 51668

After reading several other reviews, I decided on this Shotgun Light Mount for my Mossberg. I’m trying the Nebo Redline light on it first. It fits, but barely. It was challenging to get the mounting screws to start. I barely started the pair on one side of the mount and then applied pressure to the opposite side while starting that pair of screws. No-fault of the mount, this is just a bit larger light. The thumbscrew is too short even to get close to starting with the Nebo Redline light. I have yet to see how it stands up to live fire but hope to soon. Nice looking Shotgun Light Mount.