EOTech, Aimpoint and Primary Arms – a Review

From inexpensive and economical to the high-end pricey ones, scopes come in a surprisingly great range. It is but natural to assume that steeper the price, higher is the quality. Is precision, accuracy and durability the characteristics of only the classy and exclusive scopes? Do these expensive gears offer great returns on the investment? To find out, let us compare few top-rated scopes in the market: EOTech XPS-3 holographic sight, the Aimpoint Micro H-1 red dot and the Primary Arms scope

While a red-dot scope uses LED or laser emitted reticules that are overlaid on the impact point, a holographic scope produces a reticule that is propelled by a hologram that lies within the end prism and a reflex sight uses parabolic reflectors for the same purpose.

Aimpoint Micro H-1 – Key Elements

Aimpoint has been a reliable and highly consistent performer that has steadily supported the innumerable fighters in the US Army. It has earned their respect with an unfailingly high performance even under extremely difficult terrain and weather conditions. It also has the merit of being the most durable among scopes. The Micro H-1 also has the advantage of being efficiently waterproof.

Basic Proportions and Design

As the name suggests, the Micro H-1 is miniscule and has a weight of about 5.7ounces. It has a length of about 2.45” and width of 1.65” with a height of about 2.25”. It has been designed to provide a regular AR iron sight to ensure backup in case the dot malfunctions. The brightness control dial is designed to indicate the upper and lower limits. Due to its size and design, the scope is compatible with all rifles ensuring proper balance and swift action. It comes with a battery life of 5 long years even under regular use.

The lens provides a lucid and precise view and the sleek optical tube ensures an unhindered and clear vision. The LED is extremely effective and has been designed to provide a very high level of brightness to aid operations in complete darkness.

Tuning and Accuracy

Requisite tuning for height and windage can be made by overturning the caps and rotating the dials, both of which are perfectly accurate. Aimpoint has also ensured that there is no loss of zero with constant remounting. The Aimpoint provides a higher level of accuracy at modest ranges.

Eotech XPS-3 – Key Elements

As with the Aimpoint, EOTech’s products have also garnered a lot of admiration among many government agencies. The holographic scope has been admired and utilized for its high level of accuracy, durability and reliability. Similar to the Aimpoint, the XPS has also been designed to be waterproof but for greater depths.

Basic Proportions and Design

Though it is highly durable, it is quite weighty and huge which resulted in them going for another much slimmer version. It comes with a single CR-123 battery and also allows for alternative AR iron sights. It has a length of about 3.6” and width of 2.15” together with a height of 2”. Altogether it weighs about 11.1 ounces, nearly twice that of Aimpoint. Due to its heaviness, it is not sensible to use XPS for smaller, slender rifles.

The controls are positioned on the left and that makes it easier for right handed users. Left- handed users might go for the earlier version of the product which had its controls at the rear. Regardless of the lack of ambidexterity, it can be safely assumed that the controls are quite strong and tough and very straightforward to use even in total darkness. Due to its large window and reticule, the EOTech turns out to be very quick.

Tuning and Accuracy

XPS comes with 2 buttons to adjust brightness levels and one to convert it to the Night Vision mode. The impact points can be attuned with the help of 2 screws clearly indicated by arrows.

EOTech provides vivid and clear vision even in reasonably lower settings and propels a aiming circle. Since EOTech uses holographic sights, its battery life is quite low with 600 hours of regular use. It does come with an option of auto-off to augment its battery life. With respect to accuracy, the EOTech performs a tad lower than the Aimpoint.

Primary Arms Scope – Key Elements

The Primary Arms scope is a much economical version and is similar to the Aimpoint Micro in many aspects. It comes in a waterproof design like the other two scopes.

Basic Proportions, Design

The Primary Arms scope, just like the Aimpoint, is miniscule and atleast 2” slimmer than the latter with a weight of about 4 ounces. Unlike the Aimpoint, this cheaper version’s dials are rigid to handle with no scope to identify a zero stop. The direction details for screws are very small to decipher easily. It is best utilized with Ultimak Gas tube rails.

Tuning and Accuracy

With a 20mm window, it has a reasonably good vision and view for a highly economical scope but when compared with the Aimpoint scope, it has a long way to go in the brightness and sharpness department.

The Primary Arms has pleasantly clear optics for a scope in this price range. The front lens coating looks remarkably similar to the Aimpoint’s, and they both impart the same color and depth of hue to the target field. Even though Primary Arms uses a battery similar to that of Aimpoint, its life under regular use is a maximum of 40 days. Though the accuracy level for a Primary Arms scope is almost equivalent to that of Aimpoint, same cannot be said about its durability.

Final Outline:

Aimpoint and the EOTech are extremely reliable and durable for use under highly rough and tough conditions. This is one of the major reasons for them being preferred by most of the law enforcement agencies. While the Aimpoint is a great option when it comes to smaller rifles and carbines, the EOTech has a much faster targeting. Though expensive (Aimpoint – $500, EOTech-$600) they offer excellent value for the money spent. The Primary Arms with its price tag of $89 is an option to go for when you are looking at a product that does not burn a hole in your pocket.