Eotech G33 Review

The Eotech G33 is Eotech’s magnifier due to their holographic sights. The G33 is an improved version of Eotech magnifiers and provides a great deal of intriguing and beautiful features in a smaller package. If you are not familiar with Eotech magnifiers they make just what you expect, they magnify. This provides shooter another level of flexibility when utilizing a non magnified Eotech optic. EOTech without the magnifying glass is already good optics and may be utilized to out to 2 hundred yards if you’re a proficient shooter, but in combat, it is unlikely you’ll be capable hit the moving target two hundred yards with only an Eotech.

What I mean by that’s the average Eotech optic isn’t great for anything out of shooting. This might have some scratching on your head, what else is an optic employed for? In combat, an optic can be used to not only get on target but to find your target. 1x optics like Eotech doesn’t provide any capability to search and evaluate for a target. The inclusion of a magnifier makes it easier to see your target, to find your target, and even to determine if what you are looking at is a target or not. The magnifier extends your range at a combat situation efficiently out to at least three hundred yards, and at three hundred yards it’s possible to hit a guy sized target.

First Impression. The G33 comes from Eotech’s normal, awesome box. This box is essentially a Shockproof, Pelican box with custom foam cutouts to match the items contained. From the box, you, obviously, get the magnifier, the mount, and a spacer, as well as fabric and the instruction manual. Installing the media and the spacer is easy, just two screws. I do indicate some Loctite on every screw; I suggest that with all with screws that have to do with firearms. The recoil of your weapon, however minimal it might be, will loosen screws over time. The spacers only need to be utilized with Eotech models which have side buttons or detach levers and isn’t necessary for models without them two attributes.

The mount itself is a fast detach model which transforms the magnifier from the way when it isn’t needed. You can swap that side the magnifier flips too if desired. I am a right handed shooter and want the mount to change to the left, and left handed shooters traditionally like the optics to go to the right. Assess G33 Magnifier Product Details! The magnifier and mounts appear to be quite well made and feels sturdy in hand. The back of the magnifier comes with an adjustable diopter that’s stiff to turn. This is not too important because it’s not likely to be adjusted at the center of a firefight. This merely allows the magnifier to customize the focus due to their vision.

Installation process with XPS 2-0.

I installed the G33 behind a XPS2-0 Eotech optic. I knew going into this I’d need to re-zero the optics, or in the least confirms my own zero. Once I have zeroed the XPS2-0 I’d to adjust the magnifier. The magnifier has horizontal and vertical adjustments. This doesn’t impact your zero but lets you adjust the reticle back to the middle of the magnifier. It can make things a bit simpler to use. The G33 installs extremely simple; it is a fast detach lever. If you have been operating an Eotech optics by itself, then you may have to move it to accommodate the magnifier.

To push on the magnifier from the way all you have to do is use a pressure the side of the optics and it’ll swing out from the way. Magnifier Test Run. To compare optical system works with a magnifier and without a magnifier, we played a game. We’d 3 phases; the first was a three limb dueling tree positioned at 100 yards away. The plates were Inches.

The following was six targets of the USPA at 50 meters, each with a playing card at the middle, the playing card was a Heart or Club. Heart cards were capture targets; clubs were no longer shoots.

The following was ten clay pigeons on a berm in 15 yards. On the first phase hitting the eight poppers at 100 yards wasn’t what I predict difficultly. Once I found the sweet spot with the cause, and back, I could spin the dueling tree with boring regularity. Without the magnifier, I’d to take a lot more time to find the reticle on target. I could do it. However it took longer time, and I couldn’t fall at a rhythm of spinning the plates. Whenever we moved to the shoot and no take point the magnified optic wasn’t even a struggle.

Move the reticle to the chest, place card, and after that take or move on. Accuracy wasn’t a significant issue. However, target identification was, and it was simple to recognize what was what. Before we began with the magnified optic, we did move the cards around to change it up. I could spot the red or black on the card, so I can quickly move from target to target. Identification was faster with the magnifier, however, target transitions were more straightforward without it. The last step in 15 meters was a different ball game. In 15 yards of magnifier is somewhat useless. With both eyes open the target was far too big. Without the magnifier, we can transition much faster, and the targets were easier to participate.

Throughout our testing the magnifier worked very well, it was crystal clear and stayed during all of our trials. The magnifier’s capability to simply swap into the right or left makes the mind endlessly versatile. After utilizing the magnifier, I honestly don’t need to have an Eotech without a magnifier option. We conducted the stage a 3rd time, switching between utilizing the magnifier or not utilizing it per shooter preference. The capability to immediately swap gave some results and eventually gave us the fastest run.

Zoomed in.The G33 is a superb addition to a rifle. It does add a brand new level of flexibility to your weapons, and it’s optic. The straightforward addition of the magnifier allows your rifle was becoming a tool to spot and identify potential targets in better detail while being ready to participate said targets. The magnifier is the same top quality you expect in the optic designed by Eotech.