Ghillie Suit – The Covert Catalyst

Not many are supremely excited about using a Ghillie suit. After all there is still quite a bit of apprehension on its use and capability to conceal effectively. What is important though is the fact that a Ghillie suit is just a catalyst and that is how it should be perceived. The skill and ability of the individual using it makes all the difference. So the ultimate questions are “how it is being used?” and “Who is using it?”

Wearing a Ghillie suit most certainly does not make you vanish; the aim of the suit is to create a framework using which you can blend with the surroundings which means that eventually it is you, the person beneath the mask that does the blending. The trick more or less lies in utilizing the suit in the best way possible to enhance imperceptibility. In other words, the wand is only magical when we know how to use it!

Best concealment techniques

Many of us are accustomed to the regular conventions that govern stealth. Training to augment these tactics and skills will enable us to use the Ghillie suit to our advantage and that will certainly ensure that we stay a step ahead of our adversaries. Here are some tips to enhance your concealment skills

  • Some of the usual methods that we employ are gradual and silent movements and moving and hiding in shadows.
  • Learn to utilize surrounding noises like those of wind and gunfire and circumvent low lying branches, twigs and dry foliage to make your footsteps inaudible. The same foliage and twigs can also be used to conceal yourself effectively.
  • Stay close to bunkers, trenches and dodge bright light. When spotted, move away rapidly and find an object large enough for you to hide behind.
  • Head gears are easy to spot, so face the ground and keep low if you know that the enemy is scrutinizing your area.
  • Engage is creating distractions by tossing small objects away from you to divert the attention of your enemy.
  • Learn to remain unruffled especially when you have multiple enemies moving toward you. Keeping still while fixing your aim on one single target is the key to staying alive. Letting go of a few and staying focused on one will improve your chances of survival.
  • Train yourself in the art of sneaking. A wait and watch act is much more successful than a rapid and rushed operation. Learn to place all your adversaries in one direction. With effective camouflage by using the Ghille, it is that much easy to identify those specific moments that you can act on.
  • The 5 senses are your greatest assets. Know when to use each one of them effectively. It is important to be skilled at knowing when to look and when to listen.
  • Flora and Fauna are fantastic indicators of enemy movement. Keep your senses active to read their behaviour to equip yourself with the valuable information on enemy location and movement.

Good snipers know the advantage of Ghillie suits but great ones know that they are means to an end and not the end itself. One should look at these suits as mediums that enable us to accomplish our goals. The art is still with us.