Hiperfire 24c Review

GREAT TRIGGER RIGHT OUT There are various distinctive things about it trigger.

First, it includes a cause shoe with it. The 2nd being the hammer has an additional spring with it that acts kind of like a piston was giving the hammer some extra power. For starter, everything about it causes is wonderful. I never really purchased enhanced single stage activates and used the normal single stage trigger. My other builds have a two-stage trigger that I like, but I’d one construct which I wanted to keep as a stage. The most difficult part of the standard millet specification cause for me it’s a reset once you fire. It can make the trigger feel jerky as you do not know when it is going to reset so your finger is bouncing all around.

Doing a fire with a stage is somewhat hard too since the cause has a small piece of roughness before the hammer drops. Complete the Hiperfire 24c eliminates the jerky pull of a single stage and enables a smoother reset. Additionally, it provides a consistent reset so that you can keep your finger on the trigger all the way. This AR trigger comes along with three sets of springs to place from the piston behind the trigger. Hiperfire calls medium, medium light, and it light. It provides no explanation up to what the pull weight is in pounds. The best I can say on reading the instructions is that the light = about 3.5pounds, medium light = approximately 4.0 pounds, and medium = approximately 4.5pounds.

I place in the medium springs in since I wanted the most substantial weight to pull. It suits me perfectly and does not feel unsafe. Also of interest would be the cause shoe which comes along with this. It’s adjustable and enables you to place your finger in the same position every time consistently. Additionally, it allows you to get additional leverage as far as pulling. Personally, I do not know precisely what to make of the trigger shoe or how long it will last on the cause before it breaks or comes off.

Nevertheless, without the cause shoe, the cause looks like some other bow trigger out there. Overall purpose. I hugely recommend looking into this in the event you are in the market for one stage trigger.

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