Hiperfire 24E and 243G AR-15 Triggers Review

When it comes to the Hiperfire trigger designs for their 24E and 243G models, you will probably notice two extra springs along with new parts on the trigger which makes this product stand out. At the very least, it certainly looks different.

The additional springs actually help the AR-15 trigger have a lighter pull, but a heavier stroke so that it strikes the primer ignition with more force. It is the reliability of the trigger that is the main selling point of this particular item. In addition, having the trigger light on the pull means for more accurate shooting since less force is being used. Yet, you get better striking force on the primer ignition which creates greater reliability.

Hiperfire’s interesting approach is similar in some ways to the compound bow. When you pull the hammer more than halfway back, you at first feel the heavier pull a little which then gives way to the much lighter pull. This means that you are actually applying less pressure which in turn means that your aim will be steadier. However, because the of the lower sear pressure, there is less friction which helps take away the force from the pull, but the actual force of the hammer coming down is increased substantially.


This rather simple, but ingenious method that Hiperfire uses in its Hipertouch 24E and Hipertouch 243G triggers is one that is so beneficial it is remarkable that all trigger designs have not been this way for years. In addition, the triggers can be adjusted for the weight of the pull without having to be uninstalled. All that is needed is to replace the springs while the trigger is still in the gun. This saves time and energy while allowing new springs to be put into place quickly and easily.

However, installing the new trigger is the most difficult part which will take a few more pins and cams that a typical installation. However, it is not so much more difficult that a gunsmith is needed, which means that you can do it yourself. This is especially true with the Hiperfire as it comes in a self contained group. If you follow the instructions, it should not be all that difficult to install the trigger correctly.


Each of the triggers provided by Hiperfire is rugged, durable and easy to use once they are in place. This means for those who are concerned that the additional springs might be an issue can rest assured that they pose no problem during the normal operation of the weapon itself.

When in use, the trigger will hit all the right points in the proper manner. The actual blade of the trigger will comfortably fit under your finger and present no issues in terms of repeated firing. The face of the trigger is flat and easy to control as well. Naturally, the highlight of the trigger is its easy pull which is very clean with only a hint of the heaviness that the hammer will strike once it is fired.

In fact, while the striking power of the trigger is harder, the actual hit that you feel will seem lighter in many respects. Most people will only feel the “click” of the hammer during the reset and not the “clunk” that you get with some hammer designs. When used in a typical firing competition, the Hiperfire triggers really hold up to repeated use and can actually help improve your overall performance.

The is because the pull is light enough that you can fire quickly if needed or with more precision since it does not negatively influence your aim as much as other trigger pulls. If you are moving rapidly from one target to another, pulling back the hammer with some trigger designs means that you have to re-acquire the target while with a lighter pull the time delay is just a little less. This can make all the difference if you are trying to hit as many targets as possible in a short time frame. The trigger pull actually helps avoid the “bump firing” that may occur in such competitions with triggers that are too light in their design.

The Lack of Trigger Misfire

Another aspect is the reliability of the trigger by Hiperfire that results in far fewer malfunctions as related to the design. In fact, much of the testing of weapons with the new triggers was designed to try and generate conditions where malfunctions could take place.

The end result was that after repeated testing, it was virtually impossible to get the trigger to malfunction. As long as the installation was correct and the springs were still attached properly, the Hiperfire triggers kept firing consistently time and time again. Even when used on weapons that tend to load up the triggers with carbon on the parts that created malfunctions, the Hiperfire kept working. This is arguably because the trigger designs pack so much force when they strike the primer.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to the Hiperfire 24E and 243G triggers, they are certainly some of the best designs on the market today. The “compound” trigger principle allows the triggers to be easy to pull, yet have the hard striking power necessary to be one of most reliable that you can find.

Even better, the prices of the triggers are comparable to some of the best on the market and even those that they outperform. When it comes to having a product that works as good, if not better that the competition for a price that is the same or even lower the choice become pretty obvious.

In addition, the materials used to make the trigger are of very high grade which means that it will last for a very long time. Plus, the springs can easily be replaced when needed which makes this one of the most convenient triggers to have in your weapon. Hiperfire has really come up with a winner that is easy to use, feels perfect when pulling it back and has arguably the best reliability of any trigger on the market today.