Hiperfire ECLipse Review

The a Hiperfire ECLipse activate the most recent in a long line of operation causes for the AR-15 platform, and it is the vertex of HIPERTOUCH lineup of competition triggers. If you read my Spotter Up articles on the Hiperfire EDT3 from HIPERFIRE, you’ll know that I came with a remarkably higher opinion of HIPERFIRE goods, and also as a business comprised of good people. The engineering behind the HIPERTOUCH ECLipse is an original and performance driven by a concentrate on credibility as to be appropriate for duty weapons. The ECLipse is the most recent version of competition triggers which began with the HIPERTOUCH 24, which spawned its set of triggers with attributes but based on the same excellent design.

The 24, stands for adjustable triggers, and the ECL sport 15 user adjustable trigger weights. This series of causes also benefits through the same enhanced mechanical advantage of the other HIPERTOUCH triggers and additionally incorporates patented over core toggle springs, which help reduce sear friction without lowering fall speed or affect energy. The outcome is a clean and mild stage trigger pull which doesn’t sacrifice. The ECLipse activate takes the 24 competition activate to another level by adding nickel metal finish which serves to remove all traces of pre-travel before the activate breaking and gives the shooter the smoothest feeling activity you could ask for in AR trigger.


  • Based on the HIPERTOUCH 24C
  • Nickel Alloy Finish Applied to the Hammer and Trigger
  • Smoother Trigger Pull
  • Prolongs Useful Cycle Life
  • Can Be Easier To Clean
  • Sports a Black HIPERSHOE®
  • Straight Trigger Bow
  • Use w/ or w/o the Proprietary HIPERSHOE™
  • HIPERSHOE® Accessory Increases Finger Pad Contact Area for Added Responsiveness
  • HIPERSHOE® Adjusts to 5 Different Detent Positions on Trigger Bow
  • 15 Distinct Trigger Weights (3-Springs X 5-Positions = 15)
  • Adjust HIPERSHOE® For Trigger Finger Comfort, Fine-Tuning of Creep, and Weight
  • Uses Proprietary Trigger Hammer and Disconnector Parts
  • Uses a Proprietary Toggle-Over-Center Spring System

As with the other causes in the 24 show, this trigger doesn’t sacrifice credibility for performance. What you’re getting with this trigger is adjustable, extraordinarily clean, crisp break free of creep and a reset, but more notably in a trusted fire control group which you can depend on. Having a sweet trigger on your AR that feels nice and allows you to shoot faster splits is wonderful. However the credibility of knowing that the hammer will fall on that fire trap with sufficient power to ignite the primer of whatever you attempt to feed it’s something you cannot put a price on.

Installation: The ECLipse came packed in the conventional HIPERFIRE wrap, which comprised the hammer and trigger assembly, springs, pins and the patented components related to the toggle spring assembly. HIPERFIRE also includes detailed installation instructions that I appreciate. The installation process is just like a standard AR trigger system, with some small differences. In case your trigger guard is fixed, you need to install the activate shoe-if you want it before you pin the trigger in the lower receiver, otherwise there’s will not be clearance to match the trigger shoe on the trigger. The distinction in installation requires the toggle spring assembly, which I demonstrate in a video below. After the trigger was installed and function tested with the lightest weight springs, then I wasted no time at all in getting it out into the scope.

The very First time I fired it live was in a three gun match on Quantico Marine Corp Base in North Virginia, which appeared as a spot to put it to work. From a competitive standpoint I likely must have run it in the static range first to get a feel for it and practiced some exercises to be prepared for the match, but occasionally for the sake of efficacy in a busy world you’ve just to do it all live. Engaged the first two targets more slowly as I felt the trigger, and after that immediately realized how sweet of a trigger it was and fought the rest of the paper objectives on that very first point with smooth, controlled pairs.

The ECLipse trigger allows your capability to shoot strings of controlled fire with minimal disturbance In your view image assuming that your other principles like pest control are working correctly. Mainly, the concrete effect of running this activate is faster divide times, and also the capability to get fast, precise strikes on the target a little more comfortable. In the video below, I demonstrate several rapid strings of fire, controlled pairs in addition to a long distance point where I was capable of getting first round hits on three goals for 200, 225 and 250 meters .

The creep less, lightweight and crisp trigger pull and reset that is minuscule make this activate ideal for competition shooting. Finally, I was able to conduct this activate in a multi-gun that is several games and put about one thousand rounds of 223 throughout the rifle with no problems to talk about. I’d have liked to conduct this trigger in several more games before writing this article, but my work schedule and six months installation obtained in the way.

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