How To Use Camo Form to Wrap Your Shotgun

Conceal Shotguns, scopes, bows, knives whatever you are taking to the field with Camo Form bullet field. Available in camo patterns that are various, Camo Form conforms to any contour for a custom fit without leaving a residue. Follow standard safety precautions when using camo Type to firearms. Make sure weapon is not loaded, confirm that the safety is in the on safe, position and point the barrel away from you at all times. Camo Form shouldn’t interfere with safety or the action of a firearm. If this happens after application, remove Camo Type and reapply in a way which permits the correct function of all parts.

Step-by-step Application Guide.

Step 1: Start at each end of the gun and go to the center. Wrap the Kamo uniform around itself one time and continue down the firearm. For best adhesion, start using Camo Type a quarter inches from the tip of the rifle’s barrel or in the bottom of the stock. Make sure not to wrap any bead or sights. Cut wrap whenever you reach the hinge or the trigger.

Step 2. Continue by stretching, wrapping and overlapping Camo Type by 1/4 inches on successive wraps. Cut camo wrap whenever you reach the hinge or the trigger. Make sure gun isn’t loaded. NEVER wrap around safety or trigger.

Step 3: Safe ends by wrapping Camo Type around itself one full time and head out into the field