Leupold Mark 2 ims Reviews

The Leupold Mark 2 ims is a excellent scope mount

This one-piece Leupold Mark 2 ims scope mount is perfect for my Leupold 1.25-4x20mm rifle scope. Outstanding artistry and material. Finish matches the scope’s finish dead on. Once the range was correctly aligned, and the Leupold scope rings screws tightened to spec with an inch-pound torque wrench, I was a pleased camper. Thank you, Leupold.

Leupold Mark 2 ims is aGreat Mount

This is a great mount, This leupold ar scope mount goes on easy and easily adjusted. Mounted it on my Rock River with a Weaver 2.5×10, and it shoots great. Much more beautiful than the Rock River mount that I had on.

The Right Answer

This is my favorite scope mount for a Picatinny rail. I love the look of this mount. I have two Rock River mounts, and they work well, but the Rock Rivers are a little bulky and weigh more than the Leupold. This mount was just tall enough to mount a Trijicon 2.5 X 10 X 56.

I like it

This Leupold Mark 2 ims is as good as I expected it to be. I own a lot of Leupold scope mounts and have loved them all. Highest of quality and backed by a great company warranty. Leupold backs up their product. I expect a lot from Leupold products and have always gotten what I expected to. The Best!

it is a good quality mount

it is a good quality scope mount, note that the scope will sit high over the barrel (corresponds to tall ring height). This may or may not be ok for your purposes, depending on your scope as well as the stock configuration. I am replacing this with a set of low Leupold scope rings. Star removed for unclear descriptions regarding the height of the rings.

Very nice leupold ar mount

I like this leupold ar mount; it’s built solid, locks on to my S&W ar15 very well, and it fits my Leupold vx-r Patrol like a glove. If you happen to be looking for a mount for your Leupold Vx-r Patrol, this is the one to go with.

Great mount for an enormous scope

Perfect fit for my Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x50mm. It was the 2nd mount I bought. I didn’t do my research beforehand, so know your scope size before purchasing. Also, you may want some Loctite to hold it on the rail tightly. Mine came loose after about 30 rounds.

Great mount!

Great scope mount as always from Leupold. It took almost two weeks to get this product, and they were unable to track the product en route. They indicated it was due to a new warehouse system. Regardless, I was left on a hunting trip and needed this mount so purchased locally. No problem with the product and would repurchase it.

Still Needs Lapping

Great mount for my 30mm scope. Just because it is a 1-piece leupold mark 2 ims 30mm and it is Leupold does not exempt it from the need for lapping. Original installation without lapping consumed too much elevation and windage to zero the scope. I removed the scope and lapped these rings and got dramatically better results. If you don’t know what lapping is, then search the Internet on the topic. If you do a lot of scopes then get a lapping kit. If not, have a gunsmith lap and install your scope.

If you purchased this item to make mounting your scope easier and less expensive, get over it. You still need to spend money on a lapping kit or paying a gunsmith who has the equipment. You spent big bucks on your rifle, big bucks on your scope, and big bucks on this mount. Spend a little extra to lap the scope rings and mount the scope the right way, and you won’t be disappointed.