Magpul ACS Reviews

Great AR-15 Stock

Don’t believe Magpul makes a wrong product. The Magpul ACS is a Excellent stock. It does, however, extend the overall length of the rifle (no longer fits in the case I have). It is a bit on the heavier side as well. Will probably go with the skeleton Magpul STR (or similar) stock on my next rifle.

The Magpul ACS has the most comfortable cheek …

The Magpul ACS has the most comfortable cheek weld ever. I can’t use anything else on my AR-15’s. I can run-n-gun, aim quickly, and rest my cheek better on this Magpul ACS stock than any I have ever used before. I give 50% of my accuracy credit to this stock; without it, I would be lost!! Oh, and the storage features rock too!!

My friends at Magpul have …

My friends at Magpul have done it again another excellent quality AR-15 Stock. The friction lock is Awesome, finally a AR-15 stock with no jiggle. It is very comfy to one’s cheek, not a whole lot of weight; I was thrilled to find three dummy 5.56 rounds hidden inside.

I love this AR-15 Stock! …

I love this AR-15 Stock! The Magpul ACS is aa significant improvement over the mil-spec standard with a comfortable cheek-weld position and lots of battery storage for AA or CR123s. The trap door on the toe of the stock is fresh, too, but not watertight. What sold me was JG’s review stating it didn’t “pull on his whiskers.” I wouldn’t say I liked the way my old AR-15 stock grabbed my beard hairs after a shot when I pulled the rifle away from my face. The locking mechanism is cold and heavy-duty, making the gun stable and improving accuracy, in my opinion. It makes the AR feel solid, and if you tighten up the connection between the upper and lower receivers with a wedge under your rear connecting pin, you will have a reliable feeling rifle. It looks good on the gun too. Well worth the investment as usual from MagPul.

Another Great Stock from Magpul.

It might be the best stock on the market for the money! I had been using the cheaper ones from Magpul until Hogue started making the lightweight ones, but I still go back to this stock when weight isn’t an issue. Reliable, nice compartments and cheek rest. For the money, you can’t beat it!

Unbeatable design for an AR platform stock

Magpul is not my go-to manufacturer; I’m not a blind fanboy. However, … having extensive range experience shooting my own AR’s and those of literally hundreds of others from every manufacturer (yes, and their furniture) in the marketplace as well as pure Mil. stocks, this is the best tactical stock available. Specifically, the ability to get a comfortable and stable cheek weld on the stock with its slightly flared sides whether in a primary target shooting mode or a high-stress tactical shooting mode (plus three gun, for example) gives extraordinary control of alignment to a scope, dot, or open sights without having to adjust constantly on that excellent fit. Just put your cheek on the stock, and it’s there… Additionally, the ability to hold extra batteries, survival equipment, take-down tool, etc. is a bonus! Now installed on all my AR’s plus, I have color-coded my gun stocks based on available factory colors.

The AR-15 stock that won me over!

Was fast to replace the stocks on my armada air rifle and my bushmaster ar-15.well made great look! The friction lock system works great. My only bad thing to say is that the little plastic bullet you use to install the stock snapped the tip-off when I used it. With this being said, still, 100% satisfied!!! love it so much I purchased two

Great ar stock

I wanted an adjustable stock, and this one caught my eye. Never cared for the standard M4 style because they don’t fit tight. This thing is rock solid! Magpul scores another bullseye! The battery storage compartments are a bonus, but you need something to eliminate AA-size from rattling around in the tubes.

Awesome Stock

Great fit, great magpul stock. I bought the commercial model in ODG and put it on an Olympic Arms Carbine that I use for coyotes. Adds a bit of weight, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Cheek weld is high, compartments will be handy for earplugs and such. No rattle on the buffer tube whatsoever, even before activating the friction lock, fits very tight. It’s a little snug to get to move, which I like. It also makes the rifle longer as well. You may end up not extending it out all the way, or adjusting your scope mounts to correct for eye relief. All in all, a significant upgrade.

A Little Heavy

Like almost every Magpul stock, this is a great product. It has excellent construction and durability, does not rattle/move on the buffer tube once locked. I am currently using it on my home defense shotgun. While the weight provides excellent counter-balance to the gun, it does add significantly to the overall weight of the weapon. If I were carrying this gun daily or hunting with it, the pressure would be an issue.

Comfortable Quality with storage

I usually put on the little cheapo m4 stock saddles, and to a great extent, those work pretty well. My only grip with those is that for a guy with facial hair, it’s easy for it to get caught & pulled. With this Magpul stock, I get all the comfort I could want, Magpul quality, space for extra batteries in the tubes, and space for a rem oil wipe with a 2032 battery & a couple of spare rounds in the other stock compartment. I like this stock, and it holds all the extra things I want on a gun when I have to grab it a go. Simply outstanding.