Magpul ACS Stock Review

Magpul is one of those top weapon accessory producers out there that only offers the best when it comes to weapon stocks and other gadgets. The Magpul ACS is one of these top quality stocks, which Magpul creates for the AR15/M16 guns. This article will be all about the ACS and why exactly it is this popular. Let’s look at the ACS from different angles and judge its design part by part.

Generally, the Magpul ACS is an excellent carbine stock that weighs around .75 lbs. This is an average weight, especially if compared to the other two most popular Magpul stocks. The Magpul CTR weighs only .57 lbs and the UBR is a heavy 1.25 lbs. The ACS uses the typical Magpul cam level, which locks onto the extension tube easily. This stock is made from polymer, making the ACS extremely durable, able to endure extreme hardship. The storage compartments of the ACS are also one of its best features.

Left side

Looking at the ACS from the shooters point of view left side you can appreciate the sleek design that successfully makes this stock snag free. Each line of the ACS has been thoroughly tested for the most comfortable use of the operator. Having a snag free design isn’t just a little convenience. You won’t always have a lot of space to operate in, nor will you be able to move freely constantly. The worst thing that can happen in such situation is your weapon getting caught onto various pieces of equipment. This is quite impossible to happen to the ACS.

The QD sockets and the sling mount offer the freedom to the operator to choose whether he wants to mount a sling to his weapon, either permanently or not. This can offer a lot of comfort and adjustability, depending on how one wants to carry their weapon.

Right side

Certainly the highlight of the right side of the ACS stock is the storage compartment, which is clearly visible. It can fit any small item you’d like to carry with you. Some examples are earplugs, lube, perhaps a few bullets. The inside of the storage compartment is made out of the same hard polymer like the rest of the stock, so beware that if something hard is loosely contained within, you might hear annoying rattling. This can easily be rectified by adding enough soft items within, like earplugs, which can always come in handy if your shooting partners forgot theirs.

There is an ambidextrous QD mount, which is very easily removed if you don’t want it on your weapon. When you integrate the locking cam into the body, you’ll see how smoothly and perfectly it fits.

Rear side

There is a typical rubber pad on the rear of the stock, which is also used by the UBR and CTR Magpul stock models. This butt pad makes sure that your weapon won’t slip from your shoulder when you wear smooth clothing or hard armor. This makes the weapon’s use even safer, especially when it’s raining or you have been in a muddy operation. One can soon buy the enhanced version of the butt pad, which will offer a greater length of pull and make the operator feel even less recoil than before. The lesser recoil can be extremely useful if you use heavy calibers like for instance the 6.5, 6.8 and the .308.

The ACS has also quite a few more interesting features. The battery compartment especially is worth mentioning, since its sleek design offers a perfect cheekweld when it is closed. The feeling of the stock on one’s cheek has been praised by professionals both in Law enforcement and the military. These battery compartments can either hold two 1.5 AA batteries on each side, making for a total of four batteries held. They can also hold three smaller 3 volt 123A batteries on each sides, holding 6 in total.

The two ends that seal the compartment are ribbed, so that no water can enter and the batteries are safe from falling out even under extreme situations. It is very important to note, that you can easily remove or store the batteries from the rear and there is no need to remove the stock from the receiver to do so.

Heavy Carbines might not feel as balanced with an average weight stock like the ACS, but the extremely comfortable cheekweld makes it a very nice choice for experienced shooters.

Long Carbines are best used with the heavier UBR, since even the great cheekweld of the ACS is not enough to make this combination good enough.

18” barreled weapons feel great with either the UBR or the ACS. The two inch difference between the 18” and the 20” model can make a great difference in portability and comfort.

16” barreled weapons must be the ideal choice for the ACS. The balance is great and you will often see this combination used by civilians and Law Enforcement troops. With the heavier weapons you feel a lack of balance due to the ACS’s average weight, but with the 16” popular weapon size you will feel a perfect match.

14.5” barreled weapons feel quite the same as the 16” weapons, which means that they are extremely great as a combination with the ACS. The small difference in length is not enough to make the ACS too heavy for the weapon.

12.5” barreled weapons match nicely with the ACS, but now you begin to compare it easily with a good CTR stock. The ACS can still be an amazing choice though, not too heavy or large.

11.5” barreled weapons are the size of weapon where you no longer find the ACS a good match. The CTR is superior for this size of weapon and the ACS can no longer compare, being too heavy for it. If you use a lot of front heavy accessories, or your 11.5” weapon is very heavily built up front, then the ACS might still be a great choice. This shows that length alone can’t be the standard with which to choose your stock, you have to consider weight as well.

As you can see the Magpul ACS stock is an extremely ideal stock for most carbines, with the small exception of very light and very heavy weapons. It is durable, easy to adjust onto your weapon and very comfortable to use. The cheekweld is amazing and the overall design feels great. The ACS is certainly worth its price!