Magpul CTR Reviews

I’ve had the magpul ctr stock for 2

I’ve had the Magpul ctr stock for two years and still rock solid! Lightweight, inexpensive, and reliable. It also works great for hunting; the release lever doesn’t get bumped while moving through the woods, and the adjustable length is excellent for differing layers of clothing.

Have 2 AR15’s with the

Have 2 AR15’s with the Magpul CTR stocks and have had no issue’s with them. If the commercial version is installed on a mil-spec buffer tube (smaller in diameter), it will rattle, must know what is mounted on the rifle before ordering. Mil-Spec- 1.148″, Commercial- 1.168″, the threaded end is not the same either.

I’m new to ARs and could …

I’m new to ARs and could not tolerate the slack in the standard M4 stock. This AR-15 stock corrected that and gave me the solid feel I’m used to – like a bolt action rifle. It installs quickly. It feels solid and is very well made. Adjusts easily, locks down tight – no slack. Took about 1 minute – no tools. Standard M4 is removed by adjusting to max length, then, pull down on extension lever. Standard AR-15 stock slides off the end of the extension tube, then follow Magpul instructions. A JP tension pin and an excellent free float tube combined with this Magpul CTR stock, and you can have a superb carbine and retain adjustment capabilities.

Best underlying AR-15 stock on the market.

Sturdy and the locking lever is a high selling point. It’s not hard to install unless you use pliers like people are talking about. Don’t do that. Use a standard screwdriver and wedge it between the end of the lever and the T-head of the locking pin, then simply squeeze the bar like you would in regular operation. Slides right on. The screwdriver head acts as a spacer and adds to the active travel of the lever, thus overextending the journey of the locking pin, which is necessary to start the AR-15 stock on the buffer tube. Once the pin falls into the rail, remove the screwdriver, and regular operation is identical to the original, with the bonus of having a locking lever, which makes the stock fit snug as if it were a fixed one — lovely design. No gunsmithing needed.

Outstanding AR-15 Stock/Great Price point

The exceptional AR-15 Stock even if purchased at retail cost. The extra lever tightens down any slack that is there on any adjustable product, which satisfies my obsession for a robust ar-15 stock yet allows for a variety of stock lengths for whatever purpose. When moving along the buffer tube to different positions, the regular release will release this tightener also. This was added to a mil spec AR-15 Stoner buffer tube. The fit is perfect.

Right product, if you are not so picky…

The tolerance varies on all of these as to tube wobble. If you want a tight smooth fit, you must be lucky or order several to pick the best combination for your buffer tube. Maybe I’m too picky, but it bothers me when I’m trying to get a cheek weld and can feel the stock wobble on me. Collapsable stocks look cool, but in reality, for what you gain, to me, it’s a pain in the rear. BTW; The black is the tightest fit. The other colors vary intolerance significantly.

Disappointed with locking lever

This Magpul CTR looks great and is an upgrade from the mil-spec adjustable stock. I use Magpul furniture on all my AR’s and I hate the fact that I can’t give this product a 5-star rating. I bought this stock because of the locking lever it advertises: The lock is supposed to snug up the capital against the buffer tube to eliminate any play/rattle. Mine does not work as advertised. After a bit more research, I discovered that this is a common issue with this stock.

This stock isn’t cheap…

This stock isn’t cheap, but it’s very well made. I installed it on my AK with a VLTOR stock adapter and there’s no wobble. I was pleased to see that it provides a perfect cheek weld for AK iron sights. It’s also nice that it offers several sling mounting options and the ability to attach a cheek riser securely. To those reviewers saying their CTR rattles, it’s probable that you ordered the wrong size (Commercial vs. mil-spec), or that your buffer tube is out of spec.

The Magpul CTR fit was perfect. …

The Magpul CTR fit was perfect. I like how the magpul ctr buttstock has a lever to lock it in place with no movement like standard telescoping stocks. They don’t tell you is that the stock accepts quick detachable swivels. I have always found all the stock made by Magpul to be the first-rate.

Don’t bother

My extension tube is within .001″ of mil-spec, yet this Magpul stock is still loose even with the locking lever pressed. What a waste of money! I could have just kept my S&W M&P factory stock as I have not gained any rigidity with the Magpul stock, and to make matters worse, the Magpul stock is a lot heavier than the S&W factory stock. PS other manufactures of locking stocks have adjustments on the locking system to take up the slack; the Magpul stock has no changes, just a poor fit. Again, don’t bother with this AR stock.

Worked out well

After reading the instructions, it took less than one minute to install. Fit perfectly on the DPMS tube for my latest build. Those saying it won’t go on are either trying to mix commercial and mil-spec or didn’t follow the instructions, there’s a trick to install it, you don’t simply pull down on the adjuster like you do standard adjustable stocks. You pull down on the adjuster lever with one hand and pull down on a pin with the other side, and it’ll slide right on. When the lock is engaged, there is almost zero play in the stock and no rattle. Feels pretty comfortable with decent cheek weld. Although in my case, I’m getting the riser for it. Adjuster and lock are tucked nicely out of the way and won’t snag on anything. The whole stock seems to be well made and durable. And it looks good. I can’t say how it’ll do in live fire because this build is still in process, but as rock-solid, as it is, I doubt I’ll have any problems from it.

Great Stock – Great Value

I ordered this stock as I wanted something from MAGPUL that wasn’t bulky or too busy, and I didn’t want the capable storage stocks. Some way, this stock is expensive, but that is subjective. I think it is decently priced by all means for the quality of the stock itself. Installed stocked in less than 3 minutes, very easy install on a 6-position buffer tube. Stock stays extended when firing and doesn’t collapse, which is critical. Immaculate, durable, and sweet looking stock. I like it a lot.

This item was a natural replacement for my DPMS AR. Removed the old stock, and quickly replaced it with this commercial stock. Smooth, quick adjustments with positive feedback as I move the stock along its length. Magpul has engineered a locking feature onto this product that, when engaged, eliminates the irritating rattles that are so often found in the stocks of even the best made ARs. I shoot at a range using a rest that has narrow stock rest. The DPMS stock has the sling loop mounted at its base and thus would not seat properly and firmly in the stock rest. This item has no such impediment and functions very well at the range. With the recoil pad, this stock is very comfortable to shoot off the shoulder also. An excellent replacement and a right performing stock. No complaints at all.

No more rattle!

The buttstock that came on my M&P Sport rattled in a way that no gun should. This AR-15 Stock eliminated that problem. It was not difficult at all to put on and feels great. I bought the MIL-SPEC one because my AR is MIL-SPEC. If your AR is COMMERCIAL, you should hire a COMMERCIAL one. It seems like some people are having trouble with this (which makes me concerned that they own guns, I can imagine them trying to jam a .30-06 round in their weapon because they figured it should handle it). If you can’t figure out/can’t be bothered to measure, do an online search.