Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock Review

The Magpul Hunter X-22 stock has some nice features which are usually reserved for end custom stocks and a few features that make the Hunter X-22 compatible with only about every variation that individuals may dream up. To start you get a spacer system that permits you to set the gun up to get a full grown adult or shorten it considerably if the rifle is designed for a child. The length of pull can be varied from 12.44″ all the exit to 13.75″, based on the duration of the shooter’s arms. Magpul includes a nice rubber butt pad which offers some grip.

Eliminating a single screw from the back of the stock releases the buttocks pad assembly and permits you to add or remove spacers to get that perfect fit. Additionally, you get the option of taking away the pulp bit and replacing it with one which offers increase for an additional fee. While the spacer system could be a nice feature, it’s a bit common. The Hunter has a detachable and removable tray which accommodates either the standard taper socket located on an or a 920″, diameter bull cone such as the TacSol threaded cone I’ve fitted to my nicer 10-22.

The reversible tray shows Magpul’s creativity and is a brilliant attribute. I test fitted my bull barrel at the stock as well as my son’s regular carbine, both fit into the stock with enough space for the barrel to float without a gap adequately sizable to park an RV in. As you may expect, the Hunter X-22 has MLOK slots on three hands, everything else from Magpul could have been a disappointment. The action set on my gun looks quite beautiful if I do say so. I’m not a fon on polymer stocks such as the Houge due to the number of flexible in the forend which may lead to undesirable barrel contact in some cases.

The Hunter X-22 is stiff enough to not contact the barrel when pressed on but mild sufficient to maintain the weight down on my lighter weight construct. With the stock installed, I attached a Harris bipod to the Hunter X-22 and headed to the scope to make sure that the gun was correctly zeroed. At 50 yards plus I’d what appeared to be a nice half inch 10 shot group which was among the best 22 lr groups I’ve ever taken. It looks like the Magpul Hunter X-22 stock for the Ruger 10/22 became my go-to stock within the old Fajen laminate stock I prefer. The construction feels top quality and rigid, and the stock involves excellent MLOK attachment points for bipods, harness frames and also that light/laser combo which you may like to add to it.