Magpul MOE+ AR-15 Grip Review

Magpul has a track record of doing things that fall into the works, category, but unlike the legions of Apple fanboys, I do not tend to spend money on something simply since the company has a good track record. I mean, look at Nintendo Virtual Boy, I’m resting my case. So is this grip as good or better than the previous incarnations? Let us find out. The Magpul MOE+ Grip is a standard Magpul MOE grip with a few rubber coating. Hence the +. A few of the most famous ar-15 grips for pistols and rifles are Hogue grips, and the most famous of their grips are those slathered with a bit of molded rubber, so the concept is not exactly novel.

Nevertheless, unlike Hogue Magpul decided to just cover their pen with rubber and not change a thing about the form. Which is good, since the form was pretty good to start with. I also get the feeling that the simplicity of the shape is the reason this rubberized version only costs about $3 more than the plain Jane version. The MOE+ comes along with the same characteristics as its poorer cousin, grippy serrations on the front and back of the grip, and a hidey hole in the bottom that may be either crammed with gubbins or different hearts for things such as bolt repair kits or spare ammo.

I do have one small complaint. I like the long safety levers. All I’ve to do is slide my finger back, and the security comes off, easy as a pie. But not so much with the MOE+ grip. The grippy rubber bits are fantastic for keeping hold of the rifle even in wet conditions. However it also means I cannot just slide my finger back easily. The increased friction is slightly annoying, as now I’ve actually click security to take it off every time. I know, it is a minor complaint, but it is really the only one I’ve.