Magpul MOE+ Grip for AR15 Review

Magpul has established a powerful reputation for creating popular, effective products and accessories for different types of weapons. This is no different with the standard MOE grip for the AR-15 as produced by Magpul which has garnered some good reviews for its style, comfort, and ergonomic design. Now, Magpul has made improvements on their MOE grip for the AR-15 which hopes to improve the overall experience.


In essence, the MOE+ is the same as its predecessor but it does have some rubber coating for extra grip. Since some of the most popular grips made for rifles and handguns are from Hogue which feature rubber as part of their product, it’s little surprise that Magpul is following suit with their own grip that offers a coat of rubber.

However, while Hogue grips are molded so that they fit the hand of the shooter, the Magpul MOE+ keeps its standard shape and just coats the exterior with rubber. The good news is that the standard MOE was a good grip in the first place as it is fairly simple, straightforward, and fits most people’s hands without the need for any changes. The rubber coating only adds to the advantages of the overall shape as it helps the shooter keep an even better grip. Of course, by not changing the shape of the original MOE, the rubber coating only adds about $3 to the price which make the MOE+ a very economical improvement.

In addition, the MOE+ offer the same serrations on the front and back that were found on the original piece. Also, there is a hidey hole in the bottom that can be used for a wide variety of small objects from spare ammo, bolt repair kits, or candy if you get the hankering for a snack in the middle of your shooting.


If there is an issue with the MOE+ it is the safety levels which are generally shorter than they should be for this type of product. A long safety lever makes it easy to slide your finger backwards until the safety comes off. The added rubber allows for the grip to be held under wet conditions without much issue. However, the increases friction makes sliding the finger back a bit more problematic as you have to flip the safety to take it off each and every time. While this is a minor issue, it is one that may bother some people who are used to a smoother pull.

Specs and Rating

The Magpul MOE+ AR-15 Grip is crafted from plastic and rubber and retails for a price of $23.95. The ratings themselves are based on two criteria, ergonomics and overall consideration of the product itself.

Ergonomics: 5 out of 5

The MOE+ is very comfortable and well designed. The angle is just right for most people and the rubber grips the hand properly so that you will not lose your grip anytime soon.

Overall: 4 out of 5

Admittedly, there are advantages to slicker plastic grips depending on your shooting style. However, if you have had difficulty in gripping the original MOE, but you did like the shape and feel, then the MOE+ is just right for you.