Magpul MOE SL Accessories

I recently had a chance to get my hands on some of the entirely new Magpul Ind. MOE Slim Line (SL) AR-15 furniture.

The parts I sourced had been the three main components:

1. MOE SL Stock

2. MOE SL Hand Guard

3. MOE SL Grip

The bundle came the night before heading to Colorado Springs to Circle the Wagons 2014. I hastily threw the three components on my personal Arizona Armory AZ-15 plus they mounted up without a hitch!

Now I have to admit that, except the MOE Grip, I haven’t had a great deal of experience with the Magpul MOE components. I employed a black MOE Grip, and it’s been a fixture on another M4 I use.

First Impressions:

Right off the bat, I noticed the hand and grip guard are thinner than their predecessors. Not only were they more fragile, but both are the comfiest AR-15 hand protector/traction combos I have ever used! And I don&rsquo.

The stock and on the other hand, I could ’t speak to as I haven’t utilized any one of rsquo & Magpul’s offerings. What I can tell is that it was comfy and also the angle of the buttstock/padding works flawlessly with my plate carrier/assault pack straps.

The MOE SL Stock:

The Magpul MOE SL Stock is a drop-in replacement buttstock for both MIL-SPEC and industrial carbines (separate models). The MIL-SPEC version features a buffer tube diameter, and it’s essential that you determine which one your gun sports. A straightforward way to decide which one you’ve would be to inspect the close of the buffer tube; industrial variations will include a slanted end plate.

The particular MOE SL stock that I sourced was a version and slipped on quite snuggly. That’s a note as it removes any wiggle or movement and might fluctuate based on the specs of your buffer tube.

The MOE SL Stock comes with an ambidextrous, double-sided release latch which will take a little getting used to seeing they’re put higher than seen on your standard buttstock. The locks do, however, maintain a high-speed, low drag profile and therefore are out from the manner and snag free.

As I mentioned before, the MOE SL Stock comes with a rubber butt-pad that felt at home when compared with a complete kit.

The Magpul product page says the MOE SL Stock is “Optimized for use with body armor or modular gear and offers for shoulder transitions.”

Presently, the MOE SL Stock is available on the web or through your Regional Magpul dealer at an MSRP of 59.95. Currently, it’s only available in the dark.

Hand Guard review

The MOE SL Hand Shield:

The real news enclosing the MOE SL line of / AR-15 furniture is the Magpul MOE SL Handguard. The hand protector is than its predecessor, and once you first grasp it, it is immediately apparent that many of thought and knowledge was set in its development. Gripping the MOE SL Hand Guard feels natural and begs the question, &ldquo wasn’t this idea of before? ”

Installing the MOE SL Hand Guard isn’t difficult however it does take a certain finesse to mate the two parts together correctly.

The MOE SL Hand Guard only works on conventional configuration, carbine length gas systems and with A2 style gas block hardware as well as the standard M-4/AR-15 barrel nut. Of further note, the MOE SL Hand Guard features a, reinforced, heat as well as heat shielding on both halves.

An intriguing feature of the MOE SL Hand Guard is the fact that it includes on past the sides and bottom of the gas vent. This feature gives the operator added protection from warmth emanating from the front sight post/gas block. Users of gas vent mounted sling swivels will discover they’ll have to adapt and conquer!

Magpul ’s foundation is all about adapting and beating, so they offer some accessories to transition your sling mounts onto the side of the MOE SL Hand Guard.

Speaking of accessories, the MOE SL Hand Guard features rsquo & Magpul’s most new M-LOK slots for flash lighting, grips along with other items such as sling attachment points. The standard is a supply benchmark that companies can license free of Magpul. Look for our upcoming review of M-LOK titled “what’s M-LOK and Why You Need To Care.”

The MOE SL Hand Guard features M-LOK slots in the two, 6 and 10 o’clock positions along with Magpul offers some accessories which both support the conventional as well as make your modern accessories backward compatible.

The MOE SL Hand Guard is available from or Magpul dealer or on-line MSRP $34.95

Magpul MOE SL Review

The MOE SL Grip:

Such as the MOE SL Hand Guard, The Magpul MOE SL Grip is thinner than its predecessors. In reality, it’s very comparable to the Magpul MOE-K2 grip in depth and angle. I liked the sense of it, yet it may take some testing before I’m entirely sure if I prefer it over the first MOE grip I currently use on my “other” gun.

Magpul claims the MOE SL grip is optimized for a brief length of pull (LOP) weapon programs which have the weapon hand closer to the shooter’s body.

Magpul provides all the required hardware to switch out your present grip or set up the MOE SL grip on a brand new weapon construct.

Similar to other components, it is possible to find the MOE SL Grip in the local Magpul dealer or online for an MSRP of about 19.95. Magpul MOE SL photos. Negatives: There are some negative aspects which came up while installing the MOE SL furniture. Primarily, installing the handguard is as easy as other handguards I’ve played with. The reason I think is that of the tight tolerances the hand shield exhibits and also the heat protecting. The MOE SL Hand Guard is very narrow, and even the warmth protecting requires the user put in the 2 bits to line up correctly.

The 2nd thing which might or might not be of difficulty was the restricted number of M LOK slots on the 12 o’clock where they may be non-existent. I did figure out how to mount my Stop, flashlight along with a rail section with a tactical connection QD. All three attachments above are likely adequate for over 90 percent of all home defense, and sporting/training assembles, but professionals desiring new mounting real estate for pressure pads, PEQs, etc. Might come across the MOE SL Hand Guard slightly cramped. The last point, in case it could be considered a drawback, was the located on the buttstock.

I discovered that the low profile latches on each side of the buttstock proved a bit high and I kept reaching to the current location which you’d typically find the single lock. This may not be such a problem for people that utilize Stocks as I believe the vast majority of them have put greater. In the long run, it’s more of a muscle memory problem than an actual defect in the design. Magpul MOE SL photos.

Wrap Up: Therefore, as I mentioned above, I hardly had time to put in the Magpul MOE SL furniture before heading to Colorado Springs for the second annual Circle the Wagons Training. While I was there, Kevin Markland from Markland Photography shoot some images of the MOE SL lineup installed on my personal Arizona AZ-15 staff. But, we did not merely take pictures. Both Kevin and I delivered a fantastic number of rounds down range while attending the training along with the warmth shielding was adequate. Overall I was impressed wight he ergonomics of the MOE SL lineup and will recommend it to anyone seeking to dress up their AR-15 modestly. I have to admit that M LOK slots are pretty cool as well and I fully expect the standard to grow in popularity sooner than after. It should come that the programmers of the MOE SL lineup are hardened warfighters with years of experience fighting the war against terrorism both home and abroad. It’s this knowledge, expertise, and dedication to excellence that genuinely sets the Magpul MOE SL lineup apart from the competition!.