Magpul STR Stock Review

Magpul is one of the top stock manufacturers when it comes to the AR15/M16 accessory market. Their STR stock is a new model that is so extremely popular that it was extremely hard to get a hold of when it was first released to the market. Its name means Storage/Type Restricted and it is a newer model of the Magpul CTR, which was built for weapons where you can’t remove the buffer tube like the Magpul UBR stock needs to be installed.

The storage capacity of the Magpul STR makes for an even better cheekweld than the other types of Magpul stocks. The double storage tubes are waterproof and don’t accidentally open, even in dire situations. The operation lever is properly shielded and there’s also a supplemental friction lock. A reversible QD sling mount and two sling loops are also integrated into this model, so that you can choose whether to add permanent or not slings.

MagpulThe Magpul STR comes with the thinner Magpul buttpad, which helps avoid weapon slippage when the operator wears armor or any other slippery material on his shoulder. You can always order a different, thicker buttpad from Magpul, which fits perfectly. The bottom rear of the A-frame has a larger flat portion, which offers better rest in comparison to the CTR model.

Installation is extremely easy, as with all stocks for the AR15/M16 weapons. You hold up the adjustment lever and the friction lock is released. You then insert a dummy 5.56 round that Magpul provides together with the stock you bought, between the frame and the friction lock and you pull down. This way you can now adjust the stock onto the buffer tube. By removing the pressure from your dummy round you have completed the whole installation. Simple enough, right?

Battery compartments can easily be opened with the use of a coin, your dummy round or any similar slender object. You simple place the cap back into place and push it inside the tube when you are done. This battery storage fits two C123 batteries quite comfortably or can fit a few small AR parts.

It is important to test out your new STR stock once you have installed it onto your weapon. You need to check the cheekweld with every stock you buy, as some cheek pieces might be too wide for you. If that is the case you might not be able to use your scope properly without leaning too heavily onto your weapon. This might not be a problem if you use an EoTech sight, which are usually ideal for any stock, but the typical ¼ scopes can be difficult to use. The STR does NOT have this problem at all, since the cheekweld is ideal for most operators out there, designed to offer you comfort and a clear view through your scope at the same time.

The buttpad’s shape is extremely comfortable for most people’s shoulders, but you might want to replace it with a thicker one if it feels too hard for you.

Adjustment of your STR stock to fit your size and arm length is very important and the STR makes it a very easy thing to do. You activate the release first and then simply slide the stock into the position that suits you best. This makes it easy to change it very fast when two different sized shooters want to use the same rifle. It would perhaps been preferable if the friction lock was a bit closer to the release for adjustment comfort, but this is a minor detail few would be bothered by when holding such an amazingly designed stock.

Once you start shooting you will experience something only great quality and design can offer: the great comfort and stability of a superior stock. The STR is ambidextrous in its design, suiting left handed people and those who want to train both their left and right handed shooting. There is a little bit of free play when the friction lock is on and you move your stock from side to side, but this does not bother at all when the stock is placed on your shoulder and you can shoot at distant targets without any issue.

The price of the STR is quite good, compared to the amazing quality and the great comfort it provides. The Magpul STR is a dream come true, especially when you want to replace your old AR15 stock. There are next to no issues with it and it suits smaller carbines perfectly. It is certainly worth every cent and I strongly recommend you get one for yourself.