Magpul UBR Stock Review

It is often the case that we change our weapon’s original stocks with a model that is totally inappropriate and often of low quality, just to have that feeling of creating a more adjustable weapon. It is true that for people of small or very large stature a collapsible buttstock is certainly the way to go, but this change often comes at a great cost. It can become extremely uncomfortable to achieve a good cheek weld with an adjustable stock.

There is one high quality adjustable buttstock that still offers you that solid cheek weld you want. This stock is the Magpul UBR. We know that Magpul always creates stocks and accessories of extremely high quality and the UBR isn’t any different. As mentioned already what makes this stock so great, aside from having a truly sleek design, is that it has a great fixed cheekpiece. Whatever your adjustment is you will have that perfect, comfortable cheek weld.

magpul-UBR Here are some of the things that make the Magpul UBR stock so amazing:

  • Extremely easy to fit onto your weapon. It is simple to place your stock on your weapon and Magpul’s manual is very comprehensive. All parts fit together perfectly and there is no chance for wobbling or instability. The high quality of the stock truly reflects its price.
  • It is very pleasant to use. The cheekweld makes this collapsible stock one of the most comfortable you can get, because you can adjust it to your specifications and still be comfortable using it with a cheekweld.
  • The UBR has some points where you can attack a reversible sling swivel. It also has a very hand storage area, which could easily fit batteries, a few bullets or just any small objects you want to carry with you. It is simple to add an aluminum strike plate if you ever want to be prepared for close combat aggression.

The Magpul UBR does have its great flaw though. It is, sadly enough, very heavy and can ruin your weapon’s balance. Magpul will most probably create a lighter version soon enough, because this design is just too good to be true. The stock alone weighs 1.46lbs and 1.63 lbs if you include the entry receiver extension. It is 8 to 11.36 inches long, depending on how long you want it to be.

All in all the Magpul UBR is a godsend stock for all those people out there who don’t mind a heavy stock that offers adjustability and cheekweld comfort. If you have a weapon that is already heavy on the front with lots of accessories, the weight of the UBR might be a bonus to balance your weapon out. This Magpul stock is certainly worth looking into if you use your weapon mainly for stationary shooting, where the weight won’t bother you.

Like all Magpul products, the UBR is made to last for life and it will serve you faithfully for many years to come. It is extremely hard to break and it never malfunctions. This might become your next favorite stock out there if you give it a try!