Mesa Tactical Urbino reviews

Ultimate Stock

A very nice upgrade over the OEM stock. Personally, I like it better than the LE adjustable stock, and you don’t have to deal with 922R issues. Even if you do down the road for some unknown reason, the stock is the US made. Get it.

Great Stock

I’ve been without a 870 stock Express for a few years, (pistol grip only,) and I was really surprised. It’s a good solid piece; I was even able to drill holes into it to mount a side-saddle, great grip on the gun with this stock and a really comfortable recoil pad.

Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock

This grip will fit a Benelli Super Black Eagle. I replaced the stock Benelli pistol grip on my SBE turkey gun. The new Mesa stock has a much better length of pull. Very easy to install, and the package came complete with all mounting options.

Must get. better than expected

Was hesitant, but mesa tactical was much higher quality than expected. Installing only took 5 minutes. Multiple sling attachment points look and function great. I wish I would have gotten much sooner.

Great stock, just is prepared for bushing replacement.

As you may have seen, mesa tactical states the original bushing may come out upon disassembly of your original stock. I was expecting 10% of the time this to occur, but it happened to me. Just be ready to have to contact mesa tactical for the replacement pushing, which should arrive within five days. Aside from that, I love the stock.
Great stock for red dot users.

After mounting a red dot optic on my M-4, I was unable to get a good cheek weld since the optic was higher than the original sights. I found this stock and thought it was a better option than adding an aftermarket riser to the factory stock. Overall the stock appears to be very well-made. However, there are two things that I do not like; First, the adjustable riser does not seem to be very robust. Although I wouldn’t call it flimsy, it’s not as thick as I expected it to be. I don’t plan on abusing this shotgun, so I don’t think of it as much of an issue to me as it may be to someone else. Second, the portion of the stock that meets up with the rear of the trigger guard leaves a significant gap. The factory stock butts up against the trigger guard where is the stock leaves about a quarter-inch between the stock and the trigger guard- and it is very noticeable. Apart from looking poorly made, it looks as if it would dig into the middle finger of your shooting hand during a long-range session. So before the final installation, I stuck a piece of rubber weather seal between the stock and the trigger guard. That did the trick; I shot about 100 rounds yesterday and didn’t even notice the gap. As far as mounting the gun and finding the sight, the stock is perfect. My cheek weld feels normal again. One last thing to be aware of; this stock is much shorter than the factory stock. Unless you’re wearing armor while running this gun, this is something to consider. I in…

Very well-developed product

Very well-developed product! It has a shorter pool distance than the stock version. Definitely more User-friendly well worth the money. I have 3 Shotguns I run this on all of them. The QD plate that is an optional buy makes this set up complete.

Much Needed Upgrade

Love this stock, and most of all, the pistol grip! Very comfortable and functional setup. Order the free spring tube nut before you install to save yourself some time. My tube did not break loose and had to wait for the replacement nut, although shipment was two days from Mesa Tactical.

Excellent aftermarket adds on to my 870. Fit and finish are IMO, excellent. The egos of the pistol grip do take some getting used to, but they make sense and keep your hand rock solid. Install was a breeze….even for someone without any technical aptitude such as this guy. Only 4 points as it’s not cheap, and this shouldn’t even be offered to regular shaped humans without the cheekriser…which is even more expensive. I’m already looking at tape, moleskin, and filler to make a cheek rest to raise my LOS. Regardless though, excellent product and upgrade. You should enjoy it. Non, Je n’ai regrette rien!

I am missing a large mounting nut.Only three stars because I have to go find my own nut. The stock is shorter than the factory one, so the factory nut is too tall, and the butt pad will not fit on… other than that, nice……Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Rem 870….. …Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock for Rem 870… …is this 200 characters yet? …. mesa urbino 870

Ben 4 Upgrade

I replaced the OEM Benelli M4 stock with the Urbino Tactical stock. The LOP of the stock definitely improves the versatility of the stock. It is not adjustable. But, I like the solid platform. The cheek riser is comfortable, and the Limbsaver pad is about three times better than the stock pad. I did purchase a 6 round side saddle by Mesa Tactical. That is attached to the cheek riser. Solid and not too heavy. It is a great modification for Ben 4.