Military Grade VS Law Enforcement Equipment

While warzone and law enforcement operations might have many things in common, there are quite a few distinct differences when it comes to designing their respective equipment and accessories. This is why, when buying weapons and accessories, you must know what you want to use them for and in what situations. Military grade equipment, more often than not, is designed for extremely dangerous situations where combat is expected with quite some certainty, while law enforcement equipment emphasizes on protection, intimidation and safety.

To be deemed military grade a weapon or accessory has to be made with special materials and its design must have been tried and tested in many situations. Of course many military grade accessories are used in law enforcement operations, but being of a more pacifist nature the latter include products useless in the military.

While rifles are the weapons of choice of most soldiers, handguns and shotguns are usually used by law enforcement officers. The latter can be easily concealed and are very powerful in close quarter combat. This way a law enforcement officer can remain neutral until his weapon is needed, without intimidating the public, while a soldier pretty much must look like a soldier all the time.

Most law enforcement operations happen in an urban environment, where there are many innocent bystanders. A law enforcement officer is thus forced to work in very close combat or limited sight situations. This calls for superior maneuverability and efficiency. A soldier will most often operate with fewer restrictions and will need more power and the ability to overwhelm.

In law enforcement you need accessories that help you keep your suspect alive, while in military situations this is by far rarer as military grade equipment is not designed to be used for deterrence.

Having read all of the above, one can draw some clear conclusions about what type of equipment someone needs depending on the type of operation one needs it for. Law enforcement equipment is meant for close quarter combat and is usually used more to intimidate than to strike. Military equipment is meant to be deadly and accurate preferably from a long distance.

Often there is an issue of compatibility depending on if the weapon you bought is for commercial or military use. This is why you have to decide for one of the two for most accessories. Many accessories from superior product lines are compatible with both types of equipment, like many sights and flashlights.

So, if you want something to protect you in the city or your home, or if you are a law enforcement officer of any kind, you should prefer law enforcement equipment for sure. Military grade equipment is best suited for veterans, collectors and people living in dangerous open spaces.

If you intend to use your gun, either for self protection or for sport, you should choose what suits your needs best, because not all weapons are equally suited for every situation you will face. Choose your equipment wisely, having your goal in mind, and you can’t go amiss.