Mossberg 500 Pistol Grips – Overview

There is a reason why the Mossberg 500 is currently the number one selling shotgun. Any owner would stand testament to its innovative design which opens up a variety of customisation options based on the user’s requirements. The wide range of accessory stocks and barrels and the relatively simple installation process makes it possible to configure the 500 to a field gun, a slug gun, defensive weapon for home owners, law enforcement firearm and even a military grade weapon.

Users and owners who are looking to customise their model 500 with a new pistol grip might get a bit confused at first seeing the large number of options available in the market. To get a clearer perspective, we decided to test and review some of the better known Mossberg 500 pistol grips available in the market.

The Mossberg 500 pistol grips are standard issue models without stock extension, and are relatively inexpensive in the range of $25 to $45.

Mako Group Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun Pistol Grip:  The pistol grip is constructed of Mil-spec reinforced polymer and the textured design of the grip makes for secure handling and comes with an integrated storage for additional Mossberg 500 accessories. Priced at $45, it has the highest price tag among its competitors.

Pachmayr Vindicator Presentation Pistol Grip: Made of checkered black rubber, these grips have an air pocket recoil chamber which reduce intensity of recoil and improve accuracy. Priced at $35, they are comparatively more expensive than others.

Mossberg Flex Pistol Grip: Priced reasonably at $27, this tactical adjustable grip uses the Tool-less Locking System (TLS) to enable fast switching of stocks, forends and recoil pads. Constructed of black polymer, this is a go to grip for users seeking manoeuvrability.

Phoenix Technology Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip: The cheapest of them all, at $22 these durable one piece grips are Injection moulded of premium grade glass filled nylon and feature an optional ‘end cap’ cover plate and sling swivel stud.

Mossberg 500 Hogue Pistol Grip: The most popular of the above, the fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction ensures stability and accuracy. The grip includes a sling swivel stud and provides comfort and recoil protection with its Sorbothane insert, palm swells and finger grooves. Tagged at just $28, it’s one of the best deals available.

The Mossberg 500 can also be customised with a variety of pistol grip stocks. Based on operator requirement, stocks vary from slide extension, side folding or top folding and can range anywhere between $45 to $100.

The ATI Mossberg 500 folding collapsible stock and the Butler Creek folding Mossberg 500 stock are well known for their durability, ease of operation and good handling qualities, but are priced at around $100 each. Other noteworthy stocks are the BLACKHAWK pistol grip folding stock, Phoenix A2 Mossberg 500 pistol grip stock and the TAPCO T6 Mossberg 500 Stock.

Installation of any aftermarket pistol grip or stock to the Mossberg 500 usually involves the removal of three screws, two located on the butt-plate and one on the stock after removal of the plate. It’s as simple as that.