Ncstar SKS Scope Mount Reviews

Get ready to do some …

Get ready to do some grinding, Chinese SKS fit will take time. The notch of the retaining pin was not fitting (too wide) had to use Dremel on the ncstar SKS scope mount to widen notch on bolt cover so retaining pin could go through. Also too long, had to grind front part back a bit, and had to grind off one set (2) of retaining screws on one side. But did not interfier with my sks stock.


Be careful of the ID clearance of the bolt. The ncstar SKS scope mount was fine on the bench, but, when fired, it traveled rearward and jammed on the new cover. This bent the front tangs that I had fitted to the receiver downward, making the mount lose and unable to adjust — nothing about this problem in instructions. Lady from Midway customer service advised not returnable because of damage. Go figure??? Not very satisfied.

Read This

I used this ncstar SKS cover and mounted on a Norinco SKS. With a good set of files and a little bit of patience, this product will work quite well. The TAPCO shell deflector will not fit on this product (many people think that it will). Once you get a good fit, make sure to put a few rounds through it and recheck. My perfect fit came loose after a few rounds, and I ended up having to use the side tabs to secure the mount to the receiver. Overall it is an OK sks scope mount.

Poor Casting

The ncstar SKS scope mount I received was not finished ground and left a gap between the receiver and the piece itself. It was a very poor and uneven casted piece. I have no clue how it got past their QC. It’s just a paperweight. Sorry, But it was a loss of money. I cannot recommend it at all.

Does Not Accept Tapco Shell Deflector

This sks scope mount, as with all receiver covers from third parties, does take some filing to fit. Just take it slow and do many test fittings to make it fit. If you are using a scope, which I assume you will by purchasing this product, I should mention this will not take the Tapco Shell Deflector, which is by far superior to the one that attaches to your front sight rendering it useless. This was also the hardest receiver cover I have ever installed on an SKS.

Tight fit

The ncstar SKS scope mount arrived missing an anchor bolt and nut, A trip to the hardware store fixed that. Took quite a bit of filing to get a fit, but fit it did — not a very practical way to mount a scope.