The Perfect iPhone 6 Case: Magpul Field Case

We usually don’t post articles of this category, however we have decided write about the best case for the brand new iPhone 6. I am quite cautious when it comes to my gadgets, actually though I’ve individually dropped various apple iPhones a lot of time, I’ve always been fortunate enough not to have cracked the screen or actually cause anything a lot more than a small scratch. The issue is, the ridiculous number of folks I know in person and have noticed in the wild using damaged screens have fostered this crazy paranoia of mine in which enduring not to utilize a case implies a broken screen is far more some sort of when rather than a matter of if.

Having my iPhone 5, I rocked Speck CandyShell and totally liked it. Once the iPhone 5S was released and Apple launched their brand of leather cases, I hopped to one of those. It did exactly what I enjoyed concerning CandyShell, in that it protected the entire device and offered an excellent front side lip so when putting the phone on a table screen down, it is sitting on the case instead of the screen. Furthermore, the leather made it so it slid into and from the pocket very much easier.

When iPhone 6 was released, I went for something very similar. Particular features I looked for includes:

  • Feels as though it provides great drop protection without having to feel heavy.
  • All sides of the phone protected, such as the previously mentioned elevated lip in the front.
  • Made from materials that do not induce a lot of pocket friction for easy removal.
  • Appears awesome.

On release day, the only cases which are on the market happen to be the Apple iPhone 6 cases. I finally decided to buy both silicon and a leather variety. They both were fine yet none seemed like they provided that much protection. Moreover, whether it truly matters in real world usage, I actually did not like that the entire bottom part of the phone was uncovered in the Apple designs. As long as pocket-ability was involved, the leather case is way ahead of the silicon. Apple’s silicon case seems similar to the cases made from the same material in that it’s hardly grippy enough to be able to grab onto the pocket lining of the jeans whenever you pull it out and in. It did not feel anymore grippy in your hands, so this “feature” was simply kind of frustrating.

Aggravated by Apple’s solutions, I shifted to the iPhone 6 Speck CandyShell since i once had a great experience with the previous generation models. Also, it was really kind of remarkable how awful this year’s CandyShell is. To start with, the back bows out so that it does not sit down even. Allowing you rather literally easily spin your phone just like a top. It’s actual laughable how much time your phone will spin, with even the smallest movement. In addition, anytime materials Speck used these times are simply terrible. The back plastic damaged so easily within a few days my iPhone 6 CandyShell appeared worse than my iPhone 5 CandyShell after a year of usage. Oh yea, and the plastic which makes up the front lip as well as the button protrusions is laughably grippy, to the level it turned out leading to so much friction with my pocket once i pulled it out that layers of the plastic ended up peeling off.

Funny enough, I e-mailed Speck support concerning this and even though they agreed to send me a replacement they warned it is likely to have a similar “features” due to the molding process they now use. Thus, the iPhone 6 CandyShell was restricted to my junk cabinet.

Researching some other unique designs did not deliver much. Otterbox is offering cases that are very much Otterbox, and I have always refrained from them for 2 good reasons: First of all, I am simply looking to buy a case to make my iPhone survive the occasional unintended drop, but use as a hockey puck. Secondly, the cut-out to showcase the Apple inc logo often felt extremely unattractive in my opinion. That as well disqualified a lot of other cases. The Spigen Design Armor seemed appealing, however the top and bottom parts are placed on simply by friction only which is not an excellent solution, because in the past using a couple of piece case designs as such requires  using a bit of tape to keep them together which usually appears too janky.

Besides, other accessory suppliers appear to be making use of the very same design for a firm snap on rubber case. When you look at the cases by Michael Kors or some other “designer brand” cases at the Apple store, Focus on, or anywhere else, you probably know precisely what I am referring to. These kinds of are the same case with a different design branded to them. That is good if you are actually crazy about Michael Kors, Kate Spade, or whatever else. Not really much if you need a real iPhone case.

Dissatisfied with what everybody else is offering, but still on the search for an ideal case I caught this article over on MacRumors for the Magpul Iphone 6 Case (also designed for the IPhone 6 Plus). I figure, I am put in to the tune of more than $100 already looking for an iPhone case I want, so what’s an additional $17. This may have actually been the lowest priced case I have purchased so far, come to think of it.

In the event you have not heard about Magpul before, don’t worry, I had not either. They make a variety of rifle accessories, with their front runner products being the PMAG firearm magazine. Surprisingly what makes the PMAG so great is the kind of plastic material it’s made from, which is a similar material used on the Field Case. 7 days later it came through FedEx, and I am in love. It checks every single box of the things i wanted in an iPhone case to an extent that kind of blows up my mind. It is quite thin, thinner than the CandyShell anyway, and seems like an ideal balance between not really being concerned if my Iphone falls off my table and not simply being absurd like an Otterbox. It protects every side of the Iphone, with openings for the speaker, lightning port, and head-phone jack port. The elevated lip around the front of the case is considerable than the Apple cases, so putting your phone face down is fine.

The plastic it’s made of is nearly marvelous, too. Apple’s silicon case and and many other cases involving an identical material gets is grippyness from the plastic being sort of sticky, for absence of an easier way to put it. Actually, such material does not care what it’s gripping to. It’s most likely used since it holds to your hand much better; it also supports everything, resulting in the pocket discomfort I have consistently pointed out.

With the Magpul Field Case, 2 things provide grip: The grid protrusions which provide you with something to hold on to, and the plastic material itself includes a texture that is best explained to be just like a fine grit sandpaper. This leads to a good grip while holding, without it grabbing onto your pocket whatsoever. I may not really understand how it works so well, however it slides in-and-out of your pants pocket nearly as well as simply a naked iPhone while feeling sizeable in your hand.

A number of these semi rigid cases falter within the button section, like a large amount of those I have tried out either only need cut-outs to use the power and volume buttons of your IPhone instantly which seem to be uncomfortable or simply have nubs that stick out showing exactly where those buttons are that you will have to press way harder than simply using the button as if you’re deeply bending the whole case to get them to work. When it comes to the Magpul Field Case, they have in some way made the side buttons to efficiently have plastic handles each uses, making altering the volume and locking your IPhone remarkably easy for this type of case.

Oh yea, also it appears rad as well. I suck at anything that is olive green, which does not appear to be on the market any longer, yet considering they merely launched these I am estimating it’s only a supplier issue. Browsing on shows a variety of colors for old generation products. I e-mailed requesting when they will include other colors, and was not really able to get any kind of specifics beyond “soon.” If you do not prefer to cope with purchasing direct, you need to be capable of picking these up anywhere that Magpul stuff is usually sold.