Precision Armament Muzzle Brake Review

Muzzle Brakes Advocates will sing their praises with regards to recoil reduction and timing of the muzzle increase, but Newton’s laws of physics extract a price for these benefits: namely increased noise and explosion contusion. I am a massive fan of muzzle brakes since I shoot more precisely with lower siphon rifles and that I love to see the bullet’s influence and trace. Therefore when I first saw these new revolutionary brakes from Precision Armament, I knew that I’d to try them out. I ended up ordering two of their best selling brakes – the M-11 and the M-41 – and now report into the armed intelligentsia.

Two years back, decided to follow their real passion and branch out into making high-end tactical firearm accessories. The business is based out from the small town of Wellsville, NY, which will be 40-50 miles south of the beautiful Finger Lakes area in upstate New York. Precision Armament currently has twelve employees, 6 CNC machines, and a very bright future. To be able to set themselves apart from the bunch, the Vosslers emphasizes the use of the most recent state-of-the-art 3D CAD, finite element analysis software and multi-axis machining of exotics allows such as Tenealum 7068. The organization’s current product focus is on AR muzzle brakes and hybrid flash hiders, scope rails, and bolt knobs. The M-11 and the M-41 are just two of their best selling products, and I guess their brand new EFAB and AFAB hybrid brakes will be received as well.