Primary Arms Micro Dot Review

There are basically two types of qualifying grades when it comes to red dot sights, the inexpensive airsoft type and the highly tested combat-grade type.

The airsoft type generally does not hold up very well even after the first few shots are fired and will have to be readjusted or worse, replaced if the vibrations are enough to shatter its insides. However, they are pretty cheap with some as low as $15. However, the high grade type that are manufactured by companies like Aimpoint, EOTech and Trijicon are very tough, will last a very long time and cost upwards of $300 or more.

Into the middle of the price range comes Primary Arms which has created a red dot sight that seems to have all the attributes of the more expensive ones at a cost that is significantly less. While they are not dirt cheap, they are cheap enough to be considered by any AK and AR user.

Primary Arms has created a few different sights which include the MD series. The total cost when you add the QD riser to the mix is about $100. The overall performance between the MD and the celebrated Aimpoint Micro which cost only 1/3rd as much because they come from China which can produce cheaper sights are remarkably similar.

The MD is compact and made from anodized aluminum. The adjustments on the top and side are easy to use. The 3 MOA dot uses CR2032 has 11 brightness settings that allows you to see the dot in bright sunlight conditions. The 1000+ of battery life is certainly impressive and may even last between trips if accidentally left on. The click adjustments are in the .5 MOA range and easy to make.

The durability of the MD by Primary Arms may not match the Aimpoint version, but it still holds up quite well. It has been able to last through scorching heat and freezing conditions quite well with the only issue being resistance to water. The condensation problem is certainly notable and in rainy conditions can be problematic.

One of the best positive impression that is made by Primary Arms is their customer service department. For the MD which is not really that expensive, the idea that they would take the time, effort and energy to answer all the questions and provide so much valuable information is simply stunning. In a day and age when many businesses in similar situations skimp on providing high quality customer service, Primary Arms goes the extra mile. They will quickly replace the faulty parts under warranty and may even add a feature or two just to keep their customers happy.

Overall, the Primary Arms MD red dot sight is an incredible value. Although it cannot quite compare with the products from Aimpoint, it is nonetheless a very impressive sight that will last a long time. For those who want to get the most out of their money should consider investing in a Primary Arms MD sight. They are built to last, perform well under most conditions and have the accessories which make them a great choice for most shooters.