PRO Red Dot Sights by Aimpoint

For many gun owners, having red dot sights is quite commonplace which shooters have many different options to choose. Aimpoint has been one of the most predominant names in the field of red dot sights, having produced many high-quality products in the field for years. This Swedish company has developed a strong reputation in the field thanks to its emphasis on using only the best materials and the latest designs.

Many companies, including the armed forces of the United States, has purchased equipment from Aimpoint. The recently released Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) has undoubtedly made an impact with firearm enthusiasts and law enforcement agencies. The Aimpoint PRO combines high quality, notable effectiveness and low, affordable prices all in a package that will certainly please anyone who wants the highest quality for their firearm.


  • Weight: Site Only – 7.8 oz. w/QRP2 Mount – 11.6 oz
  • Length: 5.1”
  • Diameter of Tube: 1.18”
  • Size of DOT: 2 MOA
  • Magnification: 1x only
  • Adjustment: 1 Click= ½” per 100 Yards
  • Compatibility w/Night Vision: Yes
  • Unlimited Eye Relief
  • Hard-Anodized Matte Finish
  • 3V Lithium 2L76 or DL1/3N Battery
  • Life of Battery: 30,000 hours of continuous use

he retail price for the MSRP is roughly $400 although it has been sold for around $360. The PRO dot’s elevation and windage are easily adjustable using the two cap-covered turrets. All of this is built around the top quality materials that are constructed to make the PRO one of the most durable red dot sights on the market today.

The Overall Quality of the PRO Red Dot Sights

The durability of the PRO matches its intent as being designed for military use at a price that civilians can afford. This means that the PRO was built to handle extreme weather conditions and be used continually in harsh, rugged terrain with conditions that would cause lesser sights to fall apart. From a military standpoint, the PRO merely is one of the best while it is a definite cut above the rest for those outside of military service to use.

The QRP2 mount and spacer can be mounted on a 1913 Picatinny rail which is quite common. The QRP2 mount is designed to latch onto the Picatinny rail in a quick, secure manner that uses an easily adjustable knob located on the left side. This means that the PRO can be mounted to any weapon that uses the 1913 Picatinny rail and do so in a manner that requires relatively few adjustments.

Battery Life

Indeed one of the most celebrated features of the PRO is the extremely long battery life. At over 30,000 hours, the battery lasts longer than most for sights of this type which makes it highly reliable and well regarded by those in the industry. This means that for an “all-on” capacity, it will last a very long time indeed. Compare that to other, similar brands such as the EOTech EXPS2 holographic sight that features a battery which lasts about 600 hours.

By setting the PRO at “medium,” you can keep it running for a very long time while maintaining the high quality of the PRO. For those in the military and the law enforcement field, such a long battery life is one that is highly desired. Even to civilians that use the PRO to hunt, self-defense or target practice, this is certainly one of the most impressive features, especially in “grab and go” situations where you need a sight that is ready to work.

Working with the Aimpoint PRO

The PRO was well suited for testing on rifles like the Tavor SAR and the SGL31-47 as it worked beautifully when mounted correctly. The optic is such that it can mingle easily with the iron sights of the weapons and with pull-back iron sights as well. For AK owners, mounting the PRO low and comfortably on the firearm is preferred so that it can work with the iron sights in a proper manner. As with all red dot systems, the owner should consult and research to find the best mounting place for their PRO. That way, they can incorporate it properly into their shooting.

For the test that was conducted, the optic was zeroed at the 50-yard mark, a process that was done quickly and easily thanks to the screw-cap covered, half MOA elevation and windage knobs. With the adjustments made in a concise period, the weapons were ready to go even though the PRO was banged around at the time, mistreatment being part of the game when properly testing red dot sights such as this.

The first target was sighted in, and the 2 MOA dot did the work as the bullets were grouped tightly at distances from 50 yards up to 200 yards with little difficulty. Spotting the 2 MOA dot gets to be somewhat problematic outside of 300 yards because it does cover the target to a much higher degree. Still, without using magnified sights, this is to be expected at such ranges. There are probably mounting systems, such as the RS AK-300 for example that is very well suited to the PRO on the AK series of weapons.

Even at the higher price of $400, the Aimpoint PRO may not be cheap, but it is reasonably priced exceptionally for the overall performance, durability and extraordinary battery life that it has. Whether used for law enforcement, hunting, target shooting or self-defense, the PRO is a remarkable red dot sight that delivers everything promised and more making it well worth the price.

The overall quality, value, durability, and effectiveness of the PRO offers the best value for those who want a tough, durable red dot sight that works in almost all conditions without issue. This is especially true in high-stress environments where many other sights fail to work correctly over time or suffer from a shortcoming that may not be compensated. The Aimpoint PRO is undoubtedly one of the best and for many is the only choice when it comes to red dot sights.