Are there real benefits of using a Ghillie Suit?

When it comes to war, there is only one book that is able to let you know how to be the winner, and this is the famous work of Sun Tzu, The Art of War. This Chinese author managed to capture the essence in a single book, and related to the Ghillie suits, he has written that during a war you should try to stay without being noticed by the enemy. Your success and failure may depend on the way you manage to be detected. Therefore, if you want to control the fate of your enemy, you have to be unseen and unheard.

Nowadays the camouflage actually means to wear a printed camouflage fabric, being able to overcome the drawbacks of using a ghillie suit, such as potential fire hazard, bulk, and weight. However, despite this, a ghillie suit is much better on the battlefield, offering an almost perfect concealment, and also providing a tactical advantage. Even if the warfare technology has developed considerably during the past few years, those who wear the ghillie suit may keep a few key advantages. Therefore, even if it is not a cloak of invisibility, it is definitely a must have on the battle field.

Now that you have more information concerning the ghillie suit, you wonder whether you should buy it or do it yourself. Before exploring this dilemma, the obvious answer is that if you have money and you don’t have time you should buy one, and on the contrary, if you have time, but you don’t have money, you should do it yourself. Even better, if you have more money at your disposal, you can order a custom made ghillie suit that requires your exact specifications.

If you decide to make your own ghillie suit, you will need to acquire certain skills that will help you during the manufacturing process. Additionally, you will also improve your field craft skills, being able to learn more useful information about a certain environment. However, if you decide to buy it, you will come to realize that there are only two types of ghillie suits, and usually they don’t respect the colors and the textures of a certain environment. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t buy cheap Chinese-manufactured ghillie suits that don’t allow you to attach additional fabric or vegetation.

If you are willing to make your own ghillie suit, then you should make some previous research. You should know certain skills that are essential, but easily learned, such as tying knots, matching different color shades, and recognizing plant shapes. Besides this, if you want to make your own ghillie suit, you will need to make some field word, being able to see with your own eyes the details that are required in order to create the best camouflage. Even if you will opt for a customized order, you will need to make some field work in order to know what to ask for.